Burns’ Campaign Quiet on Wisconsin Supreme Court Forum

While Tim Burns, Judge Rebecca Dallet, and Judge Michael Screneck were all invited to a Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Forum which would give candidates an opportunity to speak more about their own judicial beliefs and platforms, Tim Burns is not included on the attendee list. Media Trackers reached out several times to Tim Burns campaign office, and was met with cryptic responses and little answers to the question of why he was not included on the list.

The Federalist Society is hosting the Wisconsin Supreme Court Forum which will take place on Jan. 22. In the email announcing the event,  it stressed that all three candidates were invited. Despite the invitation to all candidates, the email also stated that they have only confirmed the participation of Judge Michael Screnock and Judge Rebecca Dallet.

Media Trackers reached out to Burns’ campaign office and called several times, each time having to change phones because it appeared that the numbers had been tagged from previous calls. When Media Trackers was able to speak to a representative, they said that they(the campaign) had until Friday to accept or reject the invitation, but that Burns  is currently listed as attending. In trying to contact the Burns office again for a follow up question on why they weren’t included in the email announcement if they’re listed as attending, Media Trackers was told they could not speak on the topic at the time, and were quickly hung up on.

A source has told Media Trackers that Burns initially agreed to appear at the forum and then backed out. This was one of the things Media Trackers was trying to confirm when we were hung up on.

Burns’ campaign as gained attention for it’s blatant ideological nature. Burns has clearly enunciated his liberal positions on a number of issues that may come before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Burns and Dallet are seen as the liberal candidates in the race; Screnock is supported by conservatives. Two of the candidates will advance in next month’s primary to the April election.


Updated Jan. 15 2018, 1:26 P.M.

The Federalist Society announced that all three candidates will be participating in the forum. Media Trackers hasn’t received any information as to why Burns’ campaign refused to comment on it last week.