How Left is Left in High Court Race?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Tim Burns, a Madison attorney, has been unabashed in displaying his liberal ideology, while Judge Rebecca Dallet appears to be positioning herself as a more sensible moderate-liberal alternative to Burns. But a recent joint radio interview with the two suggests that Burns has either pulled Dallet to the left, or forced her to reveal exactly how far left she is.
Burns and Dallet both spoke on a WORT 89.9 FM radio show and their comments seemed to reveal little daylight between their overall liberal ideologies. From Burns:
“A non-partisan judiciary is a fairy tale, and it always has been. It isn’t a harmless fairy tale like Santa Claus.”
“The decision upholding Act 10 which is a true insult to our constitutional system of government, our democracy and our middle class economy… absolutely outrageous, absolutely unconstitutional, under both the Wisconsin Constitution and the U.S Constitution”
“We have a unique opportunity in the next three years to take back the Wisconsin Supreme Court from the right wing fanatics”
 From Dallett:
  “Act 10, I think the court got it wrong.”
“The John Doe case… that case involved the coordination of special interest dark money with politics, and the court did not even let the investigation go forward.”
Dallet also criticized the John Doe investigation at an event in Madison called “Drinking Liberally” that took place on Jan 3rd, and claimed that special interest money was influencing the courts. In comments obtained by Media Trackers:
“John Doe 2 was horrendous, we should all care about the coordination of special interest money with politics. It is something that has just infected our courts, it’s ability to buy or purchase a Justice, or justice, which is terrible. And in that situation it was coordination with the governor but it’s the same idea, we should all care about how special interest money has infected and infiltrated our politics and taken it out of the hands of the people, and they shut down that investigation, they didn’t even allow the investigation, which is absolutely wrong.”
If Dallet were to win the seat being vacated by the retiring Michael Gableman, her fellow justices may be left wondering if she believes they are “bought and paid for.”  The primary for election will be on February 20, 2018.

You can hear Dallet’s comments at the Drinking Liberally event here: