Gallagher, Grothman, Join Call for FISA Memo Release

There were indications Saturday that a secret memo detailing alleged government surveillance abuses will be released to the public soon. The development came the same day two Wisconsin congressmen joined the call for release of the memo, and underscored how serious they believe its contents are.  Republican House members who have viewed the highly classified Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court document allege it provides evidence the Obama administration used the FISA court to unlawfully spy on the Trump campaign and Trump transition — something former administration officials have  denied. 8th District Congressman Mike Gallagher and 6th District Congressman Glenn Grothman, both Republicans, say they are very concerned by what they read in the memo and both said Saturday  the document should be made public. Gallagher:

I read the memo–it raises serious concerns that need to be addressed and begs questions that need to be answered. As I’ve said from the start of this, sunlight is our best disinfectant. Congress should vote to release the memo, and we can do so in a way that protects critical sources/methods and guards against foreign interference.


“It was bad…worse than I expected…”
“I think the American public should see it. I think you should see it. I think you would find it interesting.”
“I think the American public should know how the FBI was operating.”
“Once it’s allowed by law, I would vote to release it.”
Clearing the legal hurdles to the memo’s release could take more than two weeks. House Intelligence Committee ranking member, Democrat Adam Schiff, argued over the weekend against the memo’s release claiming that the public doesn’t have the “underlying materials” to see how “distorted and misleading” this document is.