Bryce Won’t Commit to Debating Primary Opponent

Randy “Iron Stache” Bryce refused Tuesday to commit to debating his Democratic primary opponent in the 1st Congressional District to challenge Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan.  When pressed at a Janesville event, Bryce claimed he never said he wouldn’t debate Cathy Myers but also wouldn’t commit to doing so.

Bryce’s campaign previously told “Vice” that Bryce is ignoring Meyers:

Bryce aides told me Myers is to their candidate what Paul Nehlen and Nick Polce (Republican primary challengers to the speaker) are to Ryan: rivals who simply aren’t on his level. Bryce’s strategy is to ignore Myers. When I asked about her, he would not even say her name, but kept repeating: “I’m focused on Paul Ryan. That is my opponent.“

The Washington Free Beacon previously reported that Bryce refused to debate Myers. Additionally the Cap Times reported today that Bryce won’t commit to debating Myers: “We’re waiting to see. It’s still pretty early,” Bryce says. He notes that David Yankovich, who moved from Ohio to Kenosha to challenge Ryan, dropped out to back Bryce in July.

Myers is an elected official running for the seat, while Bryce is a three-time-failed candidate. But thanks in large part to a campaign war chest that dwarfs Myers, most media coverage positions Bryce as the favorite.