Mitchell: 200k Is “An OK Living”

If you were to ask the typical Wisconsinite “what is an OK living,” you’d likely get a wide variety of answers. Some people may consider $30,000 a year an okay income, depending on their overall circumstance. With Wisconsin’s average household income at about $66,000, it’s likely most respondents would say $200,000 a year is better than “OK.” Recent reporting indicates that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell was paid a total of $200,000 in 2016; his combined income as a firefighter and a union official. Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice reported that Mitchell would have to take a pay cut to become governor. Yet, Mitchell seemed tone deaf to what the average Wisconsinite would consider an “OK” salary at a event in Madison Tuesday:

Alec Zimmerman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin took note of Mitchell’s comment:

“Despite making several times the average income of hard-working Wisconsin families, union boss Mahlon Mitchell believes he only makes ‘an OK living.’ Mitchell built his career on the backs of Wisconsin firefighters — using their dues as a slush fund to fuel his personal and political ambitions — and now he’s showing just how out of touch it has made him.”