Randy Bryce No Stranger to Social Media Controversy

With much of the media obsessed over a now-deleted “$1.50 Tweet” by House Speaker Paul Ryan, they might find gold going through the archives of the man hoping to defeat him. Randy Bryce, the self-proclaimed “Iron Stache” and hope of progressives nationwide to defeat the House GOP leader, is no stranger to controversial moments on social media.

Last October, Media Trackers reported on one of Bryce’s more sexist tweets. In it, the union ironworker commented on a photo between President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and how Trudeau would “be okay,” presuming the pair – each of which looks to be happily married with several young children from their respective marriages – would hook up. Eventually, the media attention and criticism against Bryce forced him to delete the tweet in question and “expressed his regret'”for authoring it.

Little did we know, we were only scratching the surface on Bryce’s past social media vitriol, much of which has been directed at female conservatives, Republican women and members of the Trump family.

During the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign, Bryce went after Ivanka Trump again; this time calling her “a succubus” on Twitter. (To our knowledge he has never apologized for this opinion, but has deleted the tweet in question.)

It has however, not been deleted from the Internet completely.

Also in 2016, perhaps expressing his frustration at the five year anniversary of the state’s collective bargaining reform law known as “Act 10,” Bryce linked to a since-deleted Facebook rant of his (no doubt purged by his campaign to make him come off as less “outside the mainstream”) where he compared life in the Badger State to living in North Korea. Perhaps even more shocking, was that he seemed to indicate that if he were a North Korean(people who live under the control of a communist dictator, suffer mass starvation on a daily basis, and have little modern conveniences),he’d feel “sorry” for those living in Wisconsin.

This was followed up two months later with a lament – using the pro-labor hashtag “#wiunion” – about having to explain “the rape of Wisconsin” to his young child on what one can only assume is Act 10 and various other state laws he with which he disagreed.

Finally Bryce, a three-time loser in attempts to run for local and state office, may have reached a new series of personal lows when he mocked Bristol Palin, the eldest daughter of former Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. In 2015, just as word was breaking that the younger Palin would be expecting her second child, Bryce believed she needed to change careers and become a spokesperson for the condom industry.

Bryce’s rationale for going after a single-mother of two? Hypocrisy.

Guess no one told the Democrats’ great hope to defeating Paul Ryan that it’s hypocritical as well to compare a legislative loss to rape, or criticize a single-mother while claiming to be a champion of Women’s Rights.

When asked to comment on the tone of Bryce’s previous tweets, a campaign spokesman attributed them to “frustration over a culture of judgment and shame” according to the Daily Caller.

A spokesperson for Bryce’s campaign, Lauren Hitt, attributed Bryce’s crude tweet to being frustrated by a “culture of judgment and shame.”

“At the time of the tweet, Randy was very, very frustrated by the culture of judgement and shame pushed by some extreme representatives of the abstinence-only community, but he appreciates that responding in kind was not the right way to express that,” Hitt said.

That might be one way to look at Bryce’s past sexist and anti-woman tweets. Another might be that he’s been an unhinged activist for years; and try all they can, his campaign will be hard-pressed to cover up all of his faults.