A Tale of Two Dallets

Media Trackers previously reported that Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Judge Rebecca Dallet’s identity as the moderate candidate in the race appeared to be shifting, seemingly due to the influence of unabashedly liberal candidate Tim Burns. Even more telling, comparing Dallet’s most recent television and web ads seems to show a candidate with split views, with one ad featuring John Chisholm, the Milwaukee District Attorney who was involved in the notorious John Doe probes.

Dallet’s first ad seemed to attempt to more closely align her with Burns’ far left ideology by invoking President Donald Trump. It opens with a clip of Trump and a voice over announcer saying: “he’s attacked our civil rights.” The ad was running in the Madison and Milwaukee markets; likely areas of strength for Burns.

However, Dallet’s latest ad, appearing online,  seems to try to revive her image as the “moderate” candidate in this race narrative, this time abandoning criticizing Trump and instead going after Burns; calling him “completely inappropriate” and “not qualified.” Also featured in her ad is Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm, notorious for his involvement in the John Doe probes, which resulted in early morning home raids and targeted conservative political activity in Wisconsin. His inclusion in the ad is in stark contrast to its message to “protect our values and rights.”

As the primary election day draws near, there appears to be two Rebecca Dallets: the “Goldilocks” candidate who is trying to appear just right, and the actual liberal Milwaukee County judge who realizes she cannot cede the liberal base to Burns and advance on February 20th.