AG Race: Out of State Kaul Haul

Wisconsin Attorney General candidate Josh Kaul is among Democrats who received campaign contributions from businessman Mark Bakken, who is caught up in a sexual harassment case. The $20,000 contribution from Bakken is also notable because it is one of eight that total $95,000, or more than 20% of the $410,000 Kaul has raised from individual contributions, according to campaign finance records.

Kaul is heavily funded by out of state donors. In total, Kaul has raised over $70,000 from 222 out of state donors from Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and California. That makes sense; Kaul has spent the bulk of his professional life between DC and Baltimore. As for California, well, aside from it being on the West Coast for a reason, Kaul has worked for the liberal law firm Perkins Coie for the last four years. They have offices up and down the West Coast and did “legal and compliance consulting” for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

Overall, Kaul gets over 25% of his money from out of state donors – $105,000 from nearly 350 people. In Wisconsin, Kaul’s fundraising base is solidly from Madison and Milwaukee, where he has raised over $170,000 from over 530 donors.

Madison – 410 donors, over $125,000

Milwaukee – over 120 donors, nearly $45,000

As for the Bakken money, Kaul’s campaign told columnist Dan Bice: “If Mr. Bakken is found to have acted wrongfully, we will donate his contribution.” Zack Roday, Communications Director with the Republican Attorneys General Association, said the origins of Kaul’s cash is telling:

“Good luck finding Josh Kaul, but if you can, he will be in Madison or Milwaukee. That’s where his support is, along with California, Washington, D.C. and other liberal enclaves. This should not be a surprise, Kaul has spent most of his life out of state and when he came back, he promptly signed up as Hillary Clinton’s lawyer. Wisconsinites cannot trust Josh Kaul; he will not defend the rule of law and keep Wisconsin safe.”