The Return of The Unruly

Democratic protesters showed up Friday as Governor Scott Walker was meeting with grassroots conservatives in advance of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s convention today in downtown Milwaukee. A Republican insider on the scene shared with Media Trackers photos and a video of the protesters, and a description of what happened:


All of this happened as Governor and Mrs. Walker welcomed family, friends, and supporters to a gathering with grassroots conservatives tonight ahead of state convention.


A few dozen protesters lined the sidewalk and staked out to the entrance to the Milwaukee Public Museum. They chanted and picketed, but the real vitriol came when event attendees — from young women to the elderly — got out of cars at the curb and tried to enter. Whenever that happened protesters would scream “Shame! Shame! Shame!” (as seen in the video below:)



 Alec Zimmerman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin told Media Trackers said the incident illustrates what is driving Democratic enthusiasm:
“This shameful display as Gov. Walker welcomed friends and supporters to a local event with his family is proof that the left is filled with anger. Wisconsinites shouldn’t be harassed by angry protesters just for supporting the governor, but Republicans will continue to fight for his bold reforms to keep moving Wisconsin forward.”
Walker was dogged by unruly protesters for months after unveiling his Act 10 public employee union reforms in 2011. He is seeking a third term in his fourth election (including a 2012 recall) for governor since 2010.