Tammy Baldwin’s Ad About Nothing

Democratic U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin recently released a television ad for her re-election campaign that would seem to tout an accomplishment:

Baldwin says in the ad:

There are millions of jobs in America that need to be filled. But there aren’t enough workers for the right training. I wrote the “Partners Act” to bring businesses and technical colleges together, to train people for the jobs that are out there.

Chuck Gates, CEO of RenewAire in Waunakee adds, “what Tammy Baldwin is doing, is really important to businesses like ours.” Baldwin and Gates’ comments give the impression that Baldwin’s Partner’s Act has become law. Baldwin may be correct in saying she wrote the act. But that is about all that has happened with it so far.

The bill has no cosponsors, has seen no action and is unlikely to. Meanwhile, as for Baldwin’s previous record on supporting business:

There is indeed a serious shortage in the skilled labor workforce. So far, no action by Senator Tammy Baldwin has done anything to alleviate that shortage.