Software Problem Blamed for Inflated Milwaukee Co. Sheriff’s Primary Election Results

Problems with the WisVote software are being blamed for the Milwaukee County canvass of the August 14 Democratic Sheriff’s primary showing almost exactly double the number of votes actually cast on Election Day.  The discrepancy was visible in the canvass online, seen in this screen capture:

The official canvass filed Tuesday  shows the correct numbers.

The WisVote explanation is according to a woman in the Milwaukee County Elections Commission office who would not identify herself to Media Trackers and said she didn’t want the information released after she shared it with us. Media Trackers is releasing the information because we made clear when introducing ourselves that we were making a media inquiry and the person to whom we were speaking in no way indicated the conversation was not on the record.

She told us that they were aware of the problem and she anticipated that it would be corrected by tomorrow morning. The canvass for the Democratic Sheriff’s primary shows a total of 219,300 votes cast. The ward by ward count shows 109,473 Democratic votes for Sheriff. She said the WisVote software issue was responsible for the doubling. Both the canvass and the ward by ward count shows that Republican Sheriff’s candidate James Villwock received 30 votes.


This post was updated to include the screen grab and link to the filed canvass.