Walker Cites “National Environment,” Not Trump Directly in Re-Election Challenge

Recent surveys show that President Donald Trump’s unpopularity is increasingly creating  a drag on Republican candidates around the country in November, and not just those running for Senate and House seats. The polls would indicate that a number of melodramatic controversies in recent weeks have driven Trump’s numbers down, increasing the prospects of Democrats nationwide.

Governor Scott Walker told Media Trackers in an interview Saturday that he agrees with those who says this is his stiffest challenge yet in a governor’s race and mentioned the “national environment,” but not Trump by name: “Obviously Republicans not just here in Wisconsin, but across the country, are facing challenges out there. You’ve kind of got with the federal politics, it’s reshaped the way the public thinks about Republican and Democrat.”

Media Trackers, pointing out to Walker that Trump himself is impacting that environment, asked Walker if there is anything he can do to combat it:

“The biggest thing is just be myself and get out there and make the case.  The one advantage I have over probably other Republicans running statewide in any other state or commonwealth across the nation is that people know me. In Virginia a year ago Ed Gillespie was a great candidate. He got more votes than any Republican ever had for governor. And he still lost by nine points because it became a ballot test. And it was more of a referendum of what they felt about federal offices than state offices. And (historically)  the state tends to counter which ever party is in the White House.

In Wisconsin people know me. I’ve got and I’ll mention this repeatedly all throughout the coming weeks when I talk to activists, anybody else who will listen, with all the attack ads, with all the money being spent here, sometimes I think people forget and I need to remind them, that we have in this year more people employed in the state than ever before, some of the best ranked schools in the nation in this state. We have balanced budget year after year, we have cut taxes over eight billion dollars. I need to contrast that with Tony Evers…his policies would take us back to days when taxes were going up, when tuition was going up when budgets are not balanced and we saw job loss…”

The Marquette University Law School poll has shown the race to be a virtual dead heat. Other polls have shown Evers, Superintendent of Public Instruction, with a lead. Most political observers consider Walker to be more vulnerable in this race than in any previous run for governor.