UWSP Student Government Kavanaugh Statement Challenged

The College Republicans of the University of Stevens Point recently released a press release criticizing a letter passed by the Student Government Association concerning sexual assault and Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment. College Republicans Chairperson Amelia Heup told Media Trackers that the conservative senators on the board, “were not made aware that this was passed or even up for discussion until after the vote was taken.”

The Stevens Point SGA passed a letter on Thursday in support of sexual assault victims. However, the college Republicans released a press release against the letter as it made some broad statements and accusations about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. The letter included such statements as:

“…the United States Senate disgracefully interrogated Dr. Christine Blasey Ford..”

“Despite credible witnesses and corroborating evidence, Senators on the Judiciary Committee refuse to take the steps necessary in finding the truth. These individuals are only concerned with the political implications which may resolve.”

“The contempt shown by these United States Congressmen are simply abhorrent. This inexcusable refusal to do what is right attempts to set an appalling precedent: credible accusations of sexual assault can be dismissed if inconvenient to those in power.”

In response to release of the letter, the College Republicans of Stevens Point heavily criticized it in a Press Release.

This action taken by the Student Government Association is acutely partisan in an effort to support one political agenda, even though this organization is to be non-partisan and represent the entire student body. While the message of supporting sexual assault survivors who provide a credible account and emphasizing the resources available on campus is honorable and is what all political sides can agree on, the overwhelming partisanship shows the disdain for opposing views in the Student Government Association. By not providing this letter to the student body before the vote, it silenced the people these Senators are meant to represent. We are disappointed that the Student Government Association has taken this partisan take to represent the entire student body on such an issue.

Heup also told Media Trackers that “conservative senators were not made aware that this was passed or even up for discussion until after the vote was taken. These senators already knew they were not going to be at the general meeting for prior conflicts.”

Heup also noted that while the letter wasn’t sent out to students, it is available in paper copy at the SGA’s office.