Walker: Evers Plan Shifts, Doesn’t Cut Taxes

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers said Sunday that, if elected, he would cut middle-class income taxes by 10% by rolling back a tax credit for manufacturers and farmers. But in an interview with Media Trackers Sunday evening Governor Scott Walker criticized the plan as merely shifting taxes, not cutting them.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Evers would use his first state budget to scale back income taxes by 10 percent for individuals who make up to about $100,000 a year and families who make up to about $150,000 a year, according to his campaign. The Journal-Sentinel reports that the plan would provide about $340 million in tax relief. To cover much of it, Evers would scale back the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit by nearly $300 million.

Walker told Media Trackers that Evers’ plan is a tax shift designed to distract voters from other tax hikes Evers is proposing.

“If it was really about cutting taxes, he should do just that. We’ve done that to the tune of over $8 billion dollars, reducing property taxes, income taxes, taxes on employers. Those are all good things. That’s why people’s property taxes in Wisconsin are lower today than they were eight years ago…we want to continue to do that going forward. But Tony Evers is not talking about cutting taxes overall. He’s talking about shifting things around so people ignore the fact that his overall plan is to raise taxes.

He’ll allow property taxes to go up to pay for his massive new spending and to pay for getting rid of the reforms that we put in place with the legislature that saved schools more than $3 billion. He’s going to take the money out of the classroom away from students and he’s going to raise property taxes to pay for it. He’s putting out this plan now to get the public to ignore that. He’s also helping people to stop talking about his efforts to raise the gas tax, by as much as a dollar a gallon. That would be $1,200 for a typical family with two vehicles.

If he was really about cutting taxes, then just do that. But in this case, he’s still raises the overall tax burden. He should just be honest with the taxpayers and the voters and let them know that.

Walker says Evers is likely hoping he’ll have allies in the traditional media outlets who will portray Evers plan as a tax cut, when his overall plan will be a massive tax increase. The September MU Law School Poll showed Evers with a five point lead over Walker. The October MU Law School Poll showed Walker had claimed a one point lead, which is a statistical tie.

You can hear Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader’s complete October 14 interview with Walker here: