Bryce Invokes Civil Rights Icon to Explain His Nine Arrests

Democratic Congressional candidate Randy Bryce compared himself with civil rights icon, Congressman John Lewis, in defense of the nine times he has been arrested. Bryce was debating Republican Bryan Steil; the two are vying to replace retiring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. When Steil brought up Bryce’s nine arrests, Bryce pointed out his most recent arrest was the result of civil protest and evoked Lewis:

“John Lewis. I don’t hear him getting a lot of grief for standing up for people.”

Lewis was among those attacked by police on the Pettis Bridge in Selma during Bloody Sunday in 1965 during a March for voting rights and was arrested in the battle for voting and other civil rights for African Americans.  Here is Bryce’s entire arrest record:

December, 1991: Bryce was arrested for marijuana possession, vandalism and theft. Charged with multiple misdemeanors.


April, 1998: Arrested for OUI in Michigan. He was convicted of a misdemeanor.


October, 1998: Arrested for driving with a revoked license in Wisconsin. He pled no contest.

May, 1999: Missed a court date and had an arrest warrant issued in his name. 

November, 2000: Arrested for a second time for driving with a revoked license.

December, 2000: Missed his court dateforcing a new arrest warrant to be issued. 

February, 2003: Arrested for operating without a license. Pled guilty in June and was sentenced to 65 days in jail.

May, 2006: Arrested and pled guilty to following an automobile too closely and deviating from a designated lane.

October, 2011: Arrested for trespassing after protesting outside Sen. Ron Johnson’s office.


March, 2018: Arrested for protesting outside of Speaker Paul Ryan’s office

While Bryce’s last arrest was for a political protest, he evoked Lewis after Steil brought up all nine arrests. Here’s a look at the man with whom Bryce compared himself: