Biden and Evers and Plagiarism

Former Vice President Joe Biden is visiting Wisconsin Tuesday ahead of the election to rally Democratic voters with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers and other Democratic candidates. Biden’s support of Evers is ironic, as both have been involved in plagiarism scandals during their campaigns.

Biden was accused of plagiarism while running for the 1988 presidential election. Time reported that voters became aware that his speeches in 1987 “included passages lifted from Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey and British politician Neil Kinnock.” In light of public backlash, Biden pulled out of the race.

Evers has also been accused of plagiarism during his campaign. Media Trackers previously reported that the Department of Public Instruction, led by Evers, “has submitted budget requests each of the last three fiscal bienniums that have contained large sections lifted from various education think tanks without attribution. The latest budget request also contained sections taken without attribution from Wikipedia, which is usually not considered an acceptable source by educators.” The Wisconsin State Journal reported that Walker’s campaign found seven instances where sections of budget requests had material that was copied from other sources without credit.