GOP Accuses Evers of Investment Hypocrisy

The Republican Party of Wisconsin Tuesday accused Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers of hypocrisy for what it says are conflicts between Evers words on the campaign trail and investments he has made. The GOP cites several examples of contrast between Evers’ purported positions and his personal investments:

  • That Evers voices support for renewable energy and environmental concerns but is heavily invested in oil and gas; including companies involved in the BP oil spill.  The resulting oil spill from the 2010 explosion of the Transocean-operated Deepwater Horizon rig that killed eleven workers was the worst in U.S History. The RPW says Evers owned as much as $50,000 worth of Transocean bonds at the time of the accident and held the investment for 2 years after the explosion. The RPW also points to as much as $50,000 Evers invested in Buckeye Partners the year after a Buckeye spill contaminated drinking water in Jackson. The RPW says Evers holds no renewable energy investments.
  • That Evers voices support for workers’ rights, wage increases, veterans rights and gender and racial equality, but has profited off companies that have notoriously bad records on those issues. The RPW  specifically names Wells Fargo as an example. It says Evers owned as much as $50,000 worth of Wells Fargo stock from at least 2010-20107 and “continued his loyalty to the company through a decade of #metoo moments. Wells Fargo paid a $5 million penalty related to discriminatory practices against women who were pregnant, had recently given birth and were on maternity leave. In 2014 the company settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for nearly $300,000. Women employees were subjected to graphic sexual comments, images and inappropriate touching and though reported to management multiple times, the company did not stop it. The RPW also sites a 2009 class-action gender discrimination lawsuit and a 2017 sexual harassment lawsuit against Wells Fargo. The RPW release cites six other companies along with Wells Fargo in which Evers invested that totaled $17.7 billion in fines for environmental, safety and workplace violations.
  • That Evers opposes the Foxconn deal and incentives to keep Kimberly Clark jobs in Wisconsin, but has invested in companies that have received billions in taxpayer subsidies.  The RPW says while Evers has called the Foxconn deal “lousy,” he has invested in companies that have received a total of $348.5 billion in combined state, federal and federal loan/bailout subsidies.

The RPW points out that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s 2018 platform includes resolutions concerning a wide
variety of positions Evers claims to hold but does not adhere to in his own personal investments, including a commitment to renewable energy, safeguarding groundwater, and criticizing those who “put profit over public safety.”

“When it comes time to put his money where his mouth is, Tony Evers passes the buck,” Executive Director Mark Morgan said. “A review of Tony Evers’ finances shows that on issue after issue, Tony Evers the investor supports companies that Tony Evers the candidate would campaign against – yet more evidence of his failed leadership. The bottom line is this: Tony Evers is either a hypocritical bureaucrat or a cynical investor. There is no other explanation.”
Media Trackers reached out to the Evers campaign for comment Tuesday. As of time of publication Wednesday morning, we had received no response.