Brian Sikma

“Wisconsin is Ground Zero”

So why does Media Trackers work hard to dig deep and find the story behind the story and hold the left in Wisconsin accountable? Because per the left’s own declaration, “Wisconsin is Ground Zero.” That quote emerged today from the Netroots Nation conference taking place right now in next door Minnesota. Media Trackers is presently […]

ICYMI – Judicial Edition

A couple of quick hits for those that need to get up to speed on what’s going on with the legal battle over the Budget Repair Bill. In a readable and often hard-hitting opinion (PDF warning), the Supreme Court declared late Tuesday afternoon that the lower court “erred” in blocking the implementation of collective bargaining […]

In The Wake Of High Court Decision, Left Declares “Democracy Dead”

Emotions have run high throughout the state’s debate over collective bargaining for public employees. Rhetoric again reached a fever pitch after last night’s ruling by the Supreme Court that the Budget Repair Bill (which contained the reforms) was lawfully enacted. The Supreme Court’s decision cleared the way for the publishing of the bill, which is […]

Abele Pushes for More Spending, Radical Views

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele isn’t losing much time in showing his true colors on fiscal and social issues. During the spring campaign he promised to be bipartisian, but many quickly recognized that Abele is tied very heavily to some of the most radical left-wing groups in Wisconsin. Those ties, and Abele’s far-left ideology, are […]

Rep. “Smack Around” Clark Apologizes

After a press release and subsequent negative press brought to light some pretty offensive comments by Rep. Fred “Smack Around” Clark (D) about a female constitute, Clark issued an apology. Clark’s comments about wanting to “smack around” the woman took place after a phone conversation that he had with her last week. We’re wondering if […]

Another Plan to Pick Winners and Losers

The Madison State Journal is reporting today on a legislative proposal that would create two state-sponsored venture capital projects designed to bring jobs into Wisconsin. The plan, which has bipartisan support and opposition, could cost the state up to $527 million over the next 17 years according to the State Journal. The way it would […]