Dena Braun

There’s a New Hitler

During the February budget protests some on the Left sunk so low as to liken Gov. Scott Walker to Adolf Hitler.  Now apparently New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the new Hitler. At a rally today in New Jersey protesting the governor’s pension plan that would cut pensions and benefits to public workers, Vice President […]

A Primer on Key Amendments in the Budget Bill

The controversial budget bill passed the Assembly early Thursday morning by a partisan 60-38 vote. Earlier in the week the Democrats talked up a host of amendments they planned to introduce including one that would have stopped $800 million in school aid cuts. However none of the nearly 40 amendments the Democrats introduced made it […]

This is What Democracy Looks Like

  The Left likes to make a show of how much they love democracy. You can hear them in front of the Capitol chanting, “Show us what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!” But they only like democracy when it’s convenient. Their reaction to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court’s 4-3 ruling that […]

Capitol Protests a Union Affair

If you feel like you’ve seen this before, you have. Welcome to Wisconsin’s version of the movie Groundhog Day, as hundreds of protestors return to the state capitol today as the Assembly is again taking up the budget. But don’t for a second believe that these protestors chanting “We Shall Overcome” represent an organic, grassroots […]

AFSCME Stymies Door County’s Negotiation Efforts

While there was evidence released today of economic upturn in Wisconsin, communities across the state are still struggling to recover from the recession and policies that bound the hands of local government. Despite its popularity as a tourism Mecca, Door County’s finances are so tight that the county will have a zero percent increase in […]

Welcome to Walkerville

Brandon Buck The mainstream media would have you believe Walkerville constitutes a major protest. A kind of winter protest 2.0. Using such exalted language as “thousands descend upon the Capitol” or the Capitol grounds are “flooded with protestors,” the media has consistently portrayed the Walkerville demonstration as a massive event, a grand spectacle of spontaneous […]

Budget Tries to Curtail Open Records Access

Access to public records doesn’t just make a journalists job easier, it is essential to the democracy we live in.  Open records allows the public a check on its government.  One can only imagine the things that would occur when public officials know their actions are very well hidden. Sadly, a strong budget proposal for […]

Green Bay Parents Can Petition to Get School Choice

The expansion of the school choice program by The Joint Finance Committee last week caused shock waves in the education community. Many in the public sector argued against lifting limitations on the program in Milwaukee and against expanding it entirely to Racine. What was missed in the coverage of the issue was that residents of […]

School Choice Expands in Wisconsin

Members of the Joint Committee on Finance have voted to strengthen school choice in Milwaukee and expand it to Racine. On a party line, 11-4 vote, the committee’s Republican majority included the following provisions in the pending state budget bill:   Eliminating the Milwaukee school choice enrollment cap Allowing Milwaukee students to attend private schools […]