James Taylor

“Non-partisan” Election Watchdogs Ignore Democratic Gerrymandering, E-Mails Show

Self-described “non-partisan” voting watchdog groups unfairly target Florida Republicans with allegations of improper gerrymandering while turning a blind eye to indisputable Democratic gerrymandering, a Media Trackers Florida analysis reveals. Voting activist groups recently filed suit against redistricting decisions made by the 2012 Florida legislature. The activist groups not only contest the fairness of the redistricting […]

Liberal Activist Groups Are Behind “Nonpartisan” Florida Redistricting Challenges

Liberal activist groups are masquerading as “non-partisan” public interest groups while challenging redistricting decisions reached by the Florida legislature. One of the liberal activist groups, Miami-based Fair Districts Now, claims to oppose Florida legislators drawing districts “to protect themselves or advance the interests of their political parties.” The group’s preferred tactic is to sue and […]

Sen. Jeff Clemens Qualifies Support for Shorter Yellow Lights at Red Light Cameras

Sen. Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth), responding to e-mail inquiries from Media Trackers Florida, qualified his support for state and local officials shortening yellow lights at traffic intersections with red light cameras. The CBS television affiliate WTSP in Tampa/St. Petersburg aired a news segment documenting how state and local traffic officials, after installing red light cameras […]

Traffic Studies Contradict State Sen. Jeff Clemens on Red Light Cameras, Shorter Yellow Lights

Traffic studies in Florida and throughout the nation contradict Sen. Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth) on his claims that shorter yellow lights do not cause an increase in motorists running red lights. As Media Trackers Florida reported Monday, WTSP-TV in Tampa St. Petersburg aired a news segment revealing Florida Department of Transportation officials encouraged local communities […]

Florida Officials Secretly Shortened Yellow Lights to Increase Red Light Camera Revenue

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) officials shortened yellow lights at intersections with red light cameras to enhance revenue from red light fines, a WTSP-St. Petersburg 10 News investigation discovered. The shorter yellow lights are catching motorists by surprise and played a key role in a recent traffic death, WTSP explained. State and local transportation officials […]

Putnam Declines to Analyze Nuclear Power Costs, Claims Lack of Resources

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, whose agency oversees state energy policy, told Rep. Mike Fasano (R-New Port Richey) today he does not have the resources to perform an economic analysis to determine whether a proposed nuclear power plant would end up costing electricity customers more than a new natural gas facility. Putnam’s refusal to conduct […]

Manatee County Tax Hike Debate Draws Record Crowd

A spirited debate on a proposed tax hike in Manatee County drew a record crowd at the nonpartisan Tiger Bay Club. Tax hike advocates say the county should increase its sales tax a half percent to 7 percent to pay for health care for indigent people. The largest group of beneficiaries will likely be rural […]

Tallahassee Democrat Falsely Claims Republican Legislators Admitted to Voter Suppression

The Tallahassee Democrat falsely reported Friday that Republican leaders acknowledged purposefully suppressing Democratic voter turnout in a 2011 election reform bill. In a news article titled “Elections bill heads to governor’s desk,” Tallahassee Democrat reporter Jennifer Portman wrote that Republican “party leaders” acknowledged the 2011 election reform bill was designed “as a way to dampen […]