James Taylor

PolitiFact Florida Regularly Attacks Black Conservative, Runs Interference for White Liberal

Alan Grayson, the bombastic Democrat former-Congressman famous for saying “the Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick,” is a remarkably truthful political straight-shooter, according to PolitiFact Florida’s “Truth-o-Meter” ratings. By contrast, PolitiFact Florida brands Republican Congressman Allen West, a former lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army who completed several combat tours of […]

Attorneys Spar in Oral Arguments over Florida Government Employee Pensions

The Florida Supreme Court appeared sympathetic today to legislation requiring government employees to contribute toward their taxpayer-funded pension plans. At issue is a lower court decision that a prior statute forbids the legislature from ever requiring government employees to contribute toward their retirement plans. The legislature in 1971 created a pension plan for government employees […]

Florida Supreme Court Appears Sympathetic to Legislature in Pension Plan Oral Arguments

The Florida Supreme Court concluded oral arguments less than five minutes ago in the case of Scott v. Williams, deciding whether the Florida legislature can require government employees to contribute three percent of their pay to their taxpayer-funded pension plans. Media Trackers Florida will publish a more in-depth article shortly, but here are my notes […]

Florida Supreme Court Set to Consider If Government Employees Must Contribute to Pension

In creating a pension system for government employees, did the Florida state legislature in 1971 intend to preclude future legislators from adjusting the terms of the pension system? And if the 1971 legislature indeed intended to preclude future legislators from adjusting the terms of the pension system, could their intent be legally enforced against future […]

PolitiFact Parent Tampa Bay Times Scores ‘Pants on Fire’ for Partisan Bias

The Tampa Bay Times, which produces the PolitFact Truth-o-Meter, has not endorsed a single Republican candidate this century for any of the three most important positions on the Florida election ballot. Accordingly, the Times scores a “Pants on Fire” for its lack of objectivity, according to an extensive analysis by Media Trackers Florida. Since 2000, […]

Republican TV Ad Shows Crist Talking Up Conservative Ideals

The Florida Republican Party is airing a television ad this week showing former Gov. Charlie Crist talking up conservative issues and candidates. The ad, shown on stations throughout the state, is timed to provide context to Crist’s prominently scheduled speech at the Democratic National Convention this week. “I’m a pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax Republican,” says Crist […]

Hernando Plans Property Tax Increase to Fund Public Employee Pensions

Hernando city officials are planning to increase taxes to pay for public employee pensions, the Tampa Tribune reports. City officials say they are searching for ways to fund the city’s growing pension obligations but can find no options other than a tax increase. Hernando city employees qualify for generous pension benefits but currently pay nothing into the […]

Energy Economists Say Putnam Is Wrongly Praising Obama's Stimulus

Energy economists are joining grassroots conservatives expressing outrage that Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam released a report claiming the Obama stimulus benefited Florida. Putnam, a Republican, claimed in his report that so-called green stimulus funds created jobs and reduced energy costs. Media Trackers Florida caught up with Daniel Simmons, director of state and regulatory affairs […]

Grassroots Conservatives Horrified By Putnam's Praise for Obama's 2009 Stimulus Bill

Grassroots conservative leaders are expressing strong disappointment with Republican Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam for releasing a study praising President Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill that cost nearly $800 billion. Putnam published his study praising the Obama stimulus just months after he stirred up conservative anger by strong-arming Gov. Rick Scott into withholding his veto of […]