James Taylor

Conservative Grassroots Leader Tells State Officials to Back Off on Renewable Energy

Florida state officials are abandoning conservative principles and punishing consumers by propping up uneconomical renewable energy, according to Tom Coutre, a grassroots leader with the Conservative and Liberty Alliance, based in The Villages. Media Trackers Florida reported yesterday that Floridians are paying substantially more for our energy than consumers in neighboring states and state officials […]

Putnam Admits State’s Renewable Energy Priorities Are Raising Consumer Costs

Renewable energy sources promoted in the upcoming 2012 Florida Energy Summit and H.B. 7117, the state’s recently enacted renewable energy bill, are more expensive than the natural gas power they will replace, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putman acknowledged in a meeting with conservative grassroots leaders at the state capitol. The higher electricity prices are justified, Putnam […]

Putnam Energy Summit Leaves Affordable Energy Off the Agenda

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is putting together a Florida Energy Summit that may leave consumers wondering, “Where is the affordable energy?” Putnam last week announced the 2012 Florida Energy Summit, which will take place August 15-17 in Orlando. The agenda includes a roundtable discussion and 10 panel sessions that focus almost exclusively on promoting […]