Jeremy Carpenter

Trump Ally Accuses Walker of Voter Fraud

The same day Trump is in Wisconsin for several campaign events, Roger Stone, a top trump ally, has gone where even Democrats have not gone in accusing Scott Walker and Reince Priebus of voter fraud in at least five elections including the 2012 recall election. Today Roger Stone claimed that, “Nowhere in the country has […]

Union Rep Runs for Assembly Seat in Milwaukee

John Redmond (D), who is challenging incumbent Jessie Rodriguez (R) in Wisconsin’s 21st Assembly district, is also drawing a $100,000 paycheck from the Teamsters Union. John Redmond recently defeated Frank Disco Gratke in the Democratic primary clearing the way for a general election challenge to incumbent Jessie Rodriguez in Wisconsin’s 21st Assembly district. In the […]

Primary Winners and Losers

Winners: Paul Ryan: Paul Ryan again proved that he has his finger on the pulse of Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district. Despite the effort to “Cantor” him, Ryan showed the importance of staying in touch with his district in crushing his challenger 84%-16%. Moderate Democrats: Though Senator Lena Taylor is extremely liberal on many issues she […]

Paul Nehlen Advocates for Deporting all Muslims

Paul Ryan’s primary challenger has been in the national spotlight since Donald Trump tweeted appreciation to him for some “kind words” that Nehlen had shared with him. Unfortunately Nehlen has shown himself to woefully unprepared for that spotlight. On Monday, Nehlen made an appearance on Chicago radio and called for a debate on the deportation […]