Jerry Bader

Walker Budget Eliminates Minimum Hours of Instruction for School Districts

Governor Scott Walker recommends repealing several state mandates on K-12 public schools in his 2017-19 budget, including the current minimum hours of instruction requirement. A bill passed in 2014 repealed the requirement that school districts must hold school for at least 180 days each year, but left in place the requirement that schools must schedule […]

TV Headline: “Future of Education Depends on Referendum”

Hyperbole in teases and headlines has become a staple of the television news industry. In the 1970’s and 80’s it became industry standard to instill a threat of risk or loss in  viewers: “are you children safe at school,” “is the food you’re feeding your family safe.” A television station in Milwaukee actually did a […]

Packers Will Look Into Use of Team Logo by Holtz Campaign

Green Bay Packers Spokesman Aaron Popkey said Friday there will be internal discussions concerning the use of legendary coach Vince Lombardi’s image and the Packers logo on posts on the Twitter feed of Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Lowell Holtz. Numerous posts on Holtz’s feed use the image. Holtz campaign spokesman Briton Schiel told Media […]

Gehl Still Says She’s Not Running in ’18: Can Dems Change Her Mind?

While nothing is a certainty in American politics today until it happens (just ask President Hillary Clinton), most Wisconsin political observers believe Governor Scott Walker will seek a third term in 2018. First, Walker is giving every indication, without declaring, that he will run again. And equally important is the fact that Democrats don’t appear […]

WI Supreme Court Case Could Limit WI Open Meetings Act

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Wednesday morning in a case whose outcome observers say could provide local governments with a workaround to compliance with the Open Meetings Act. At the heart of the case is this question: can local governments evade the Open Meetings Act by having administrators create committees instead of […]

Democrats Continue Distortion on Walker School Record…as Predicted

Governor Scott Walker’s plan to increase education spending in the 2017-19 state budget has prompted a predictable response from Democrats in the legislature. They argue the hike doesn’t make up for “the cuts” Walker has made in education spending. A sample: Instead of making schools he cut by record amount whole, @GovWalker diverts funds to […]

Green Bay Mayor Sat for a Year on Letter Clearing 3 Aldermen

Media Trackers has learned that Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt was told a year ago that a campaign finance investigation against three aldermen had been closed but said nothing. Schmitt, in December 2015, requested the investigation after one was launched into his campaign finances. The probe into the Mayor’s finances ultimately led to misdemeanor conviction charges […]