Jerry Bader

Dallet Loves Her Some “San Francisco Values”

By James Wigderson for Media Trackers Judge Rebecca Dallet, a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, told an audience at a fundraiser for her in San Francisco, CA, that her campaign is an effort to bring their values back to Wisconsin. “It’s San Francisco. Like this is awesome, the people,” Dallet said. “I know that […]

WI GOP Insiders: Concern Over Fall Elections “Is Indeed Dire”

Wisconsin was one of three improbable state victories that propelled Donald Trump to the White House in 2016. But without immediate Republican Party course corrections, the state’s conservative revolution could screech to a halt after the November elections, or even be reversed in some areas. That’s according to two Republican insiders, whose job it is […]

WI Dems Move to Ban High Capacity Magazines

Democrats in the state legislature are moving to ban “high capacity magazines” for most gun owners in Wisconsin. But what effect such a ban would have on mass shootings and even the definition of what a high capacity magazine is remains heavily disputed. According to an analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau, the bill: prohibits […]

UWSP Changes: When in Doubt, Blame Scott Walker

By Amelia Heupp for Media Trackers Monday, March 5th the campus of UW-Stevens Point received an email from the office of Chancellor Bernie Patterson with the subject title, “Reimagining the University.” In the email, the Chancellor outlined a proposal to eliminate thirteen curriculum majors, primarily those in the area of humanities. The list of potentially eliminated […]

The Battle Over UW Segregated Fees Continues

By Amelia Heup for Media Trackers Conservative students across the University of Wisconsin system in recent months have begun to call out university policies which they contend favor liberal and progressive student organizations, causes, and messages. This problem does not simply plague big schools, such as UW-Madison, but has come to light on small campuses […]

Walker on Lake Michigan Sanctuary, Then and Now

Supporters of a proposed national marine sanctuary zone along Lake Michigan’s west coast were caught off guard this week when Governor Scott Walker rescinded his support for the proposal. Walker’s new stance is in sharp contrast to a defensive response Media Trackers got last year when asking Walker’s office about his support for the zone. […]

Not on the Ballot, Gard Looms Large in State Senate Primary

Lobbyist and former state assembly speaker John Gard won’t be on the ballot in August for the 1st State Senate District Republican primary. But his presence may loom large in the race nonetheless. Gard is involved in the campaign of 24 year old Alex Renard, who announced Tuesday he will challenge State Representative Andre Jacque […]

Podcast: Will MSM Cover Courthouse Identity Theft Threat?

Last week, Media Trackers broke the story of a serious identity theft threat that exists in some Wisconsin courthouses. Media Trackers shared the story with several media outlets. But as Communications Director Jerry Bader reports in today’s podcast, it appears none have reported on it; at least not yet.

Brown Co. Sales Tax Suit Dismissed, But Case May Not Be Over

Attorneys representing the Brown County Taxpayers Association say they are reviewing their options with their clients after a judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit against the county’s half-percent sales tax. The tax as approved by the Brown County Board last year is to last six years and help pay for a number of projects, including […]

“This Vet Does Not Support Tammy Baldwin”

By James Wigderson for Media Trackers Over Michael Marquette’s objections, supporters of Senator Tammy Baldwin’s are still going to include a photo of him in an ad of veterans supporting the senator’s re-election campaign, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Marquette, an attorney from Green Bay and a Republican, objected to the use of the […]