Jason Hart

In Pictures: ProgressOhio’s Extensive Ties to Occupy

As Media Trackers Ohio reported on May 7, ProgressOhio has worked closely with Occupy Columbus and the Occupy movement in general. ProgressOhio Executive Director Brian Rothenberg’s claim that his organization has nothing to do with Occupy, as reported by WTAM 1100 on May 4, is misleading at best. Following is the evidence we shared several […]

May 9, 2012 Release

The first official Media Trackers press release focused on Media Trackers Ohio was published Wednesday, May 9, 2012. Download the release

Sorting Through the Wreckage of House Bill 194

Ohio House Bill 194 (HB 194), the elections law signed last July by Governor Kasich, has followed a tumultuous path: from the General Assembly, to the governor’s desk, to threatened referendum and now-likely repeal. As of this writing, House Bill 295, which would repeal nearly all provisions of HB 194, awaits Kasich’s signature. The day […]

Liberal Groups Want New Redistricting Process

Following Republican victories in 2010, new Ohio General Assembly and Congressional maps were drawn by Republican officeholders and legislators. In response, labor unions and other left-wing groups have joined a campaign to change how General Assembly districts are drawn, proposing a commission similar to the one manipulated by California Democrats in 2011. “Voters First Ohio,” […]

Background on Redistricting in Ohio

After Republicans drew Ohio’s new Congressional and state legislature maps in 2011, liberal groups joined a campaign to change how General Assembly districts are drawn. Additionally, Democrats threatened a referendum on the Congressional map passed by the legislature and filed a lawsuit challenging the General Assembly map drawn by a 5-member Apportionment Board.  This degree […]

Occupy Cleveland’s Absurd Response to FBI Bust

In response to FBI arrests for an alleged bomb plot involving several members of the far-left group Occupy Cleveland, Occupy Cleveland has released a statement repeating outrageous rhetoric common to the Occupy movement, casting Occupy as heroes in a bizarre melodrama (view PDF): May 1, 2012 — Cleveland – While the persons arrested Monday evening […]

Pension Funds Take Small Steps to Remain Solvent

Public retirement systems in Ohio are making slight adjustments to account for the impact of market realities on defined-benefit retirement plans, which pay retirees based on assumptions and formulas instead of individual returns. Two of the state’s public pension funds — the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) and Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund (OP&F) […]

We Are Ohio Bankrolled by Liberal Unions, Not Bipartisan Citizen Groups

Labor groups funneled more than $40 million last year to We Are Ohio, the Super PAC formed to repeal legislation limiting government workers’ collective bargaining privileges. During the same period, individual Ohioans contributed only $440,652.68, although We Are Ohio bills itself as “citizen-driven.” And while We Are Ohio claims to be “community-based,” more than $20 […]

Out-of-State Unions Fueled We Are Ohio’s Repeal Push in 2011

Out-of-state labor unions poured more than $20 million last year into “We Are Ohio,” a Super PAC that worked to repeal state legislation limiting collective bargaining and striking privileges for government employees.  Nearly half of the organization’s funding — over 47 percent — came from unions in Washington, D.C. and other states. Although We Are […]