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Heroin Dealer & Bad Mom Turn to Sonderhouse for Help

Just days before he asks voters to elect him judge, a prominent Waukesha County defense attorney is still representing over two dozen individuals charged with crimes. While many of his clients remain innocent until proven guilty, two have already admitted their guilt. Unfortunately for Waukesha residents, judicial candidate Ron Sonderhouse was able to help the two criminals get significant reductions, or no time in jail at all, for committing their serious offenses.

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Meet the Lead-footed Wis. Reps that Voted ‘No’ to a Speed Limit Increase

A bipartisan majority of the Wisconsin State Assembly passed legislation to increase freeway speeds from the current 65 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour on a 76-22 vote. But despite not wanting to legally raise the speed limit, at least five of those that voted ‘No’ have no problem seeing how closely they can get their gas pedal to the floor – even if it meant breaking the law.

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Tax Refund Reactions Show Liberal Tax Illiteracy

After legislative changes reduced the amount Wisconsin income earners have withheld in state taxes from their paychecks, state income tax refunds have not surprisingly went down. But while the correlation between reduced withholdings and lower tax refunds may not surprise most, the liberal reaction to reduced income tax refunds shows just how much some liberals don’t understand how taxes are collect.

Scared little monkey – a fight JUST broke out.
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Not All UW-Madison Research Created Equal

With a proposed $57 million state budget cut hanging over their heads, University of Wisconsin-Madison officials have been in full defense mode. Some inside and outside the University have claimed the cut will impact research, and consequently the economy, but as Media Trackers has found, not all of the University’s research is created equal.

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