Sam Morateck

Ellis: Animal Sex Abuse Bill Was Stalled to Hurt Andre Jacque

By Jerry Bader and Sam Morateck  A bill that would make sexual abuse of animals a felony easily passed through the State Assembly, earning a rare unanimous vote, but was brought to a halt in the State Senate this week when it wasn’t brought to the floor for a vote. In most cases, such offenses are currently […]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Politifail

By James Wigderson “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Kertscher, writing in the newspaper’s fact-checking Politifact section, once again substitutes opinion for an objective evaluation of a political candidate’s statement. Kertscher gave a Supreme Court candidate a “half true” rating when everything he wrote in evidence pointed to a “Pants on Fire” rating for knowingly making […]

Credit: Salon

Will WI Dems Repudiate Clinton’s Labeling of State Voters?

Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks about the states she didn’t win in the 2016 presidential election suggested  that backwards-looking,  racist and sexist messages appealed to voters there. With Wisconsin being one of the states covered by Clinton’s latest effort to explain away her defeat, the question now becomes: will Democrats candidates and leaders here repudiate her […]

Barnes Can’t Shake Assault Allegation

Former State Representative Mandela Barnes has announced that he’ll be a Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor. But Barnes continues to be dogged by allegations that he assaulted protester and videographer Miles Kristan in 2015. Kristan says Barnes assaulted him after he asked a question about Barnes’ vote on the new Milwaukee Bucks arena. At that […]

Dallet’s Light Sentences: A Pattern?

The analyst consensus from Tuesday’s state supreme court primary was that experience mattered to voters. Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock and Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet advanced, while Madison attorney Tim Burns finished a distant third. Screnock and Dallet also indicated they felt their bench experience helped them. With experience comes a track record. And […]

Burns Got No Lift From the “Revolution”

Last fall, Madison attorney Tim Burns sought and secured an endorsement from the far left group Our Wisconsin Revolution for his candidacy in the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary. Comprised largely of the remnants of the failed Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, the group touts lists of activists and supporters online, but the results of the most […]

AR-15, Fact and Fiction

“Following the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the U.S. is once again confronted with the question of how these terrible acts of meaningless violence could be halted. So far, the mainstream media and the anti-gun left have generally called for “tougher gun laws,” sometime including universal background checks. In an effort to understand the situation […]

After FL Shooting, The Media Resurrects Australia Gun Confiscation

Written By Media Trackers Director of Communications Jerry Bader “After nearly every mass shooting in America, some media outlets point to a 1996 Australia gun confiscation law as a potential template for the U.S. to use in dealing with mass shootings here. Wednesday’s horrific high school shooting in Parkland Florida is no exception to that […]

A Tale of Two Dallets

Media Trackers previously reported that Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Judge Rebecca Dallet’s identity as the moderate candidate in the race appeared to be shifting, seemingly due to the influence of unabashedly liberal candidate Tim Burns. Even more telling, comparing Dallet’s most recent television and web ads seems to show a candidate with split views, with […]

Local Media Silent on John Doe Hearing

A hearing last Thursday at the Brown County courthouse with newly-appointed John Doe Judge Kendall Kelley was largely ignored by the local and mainstream media. None of the four television stations in the Green Bay market were in the courtroom, including one located across the street from the courthouse. Read the full story at Wisconsin […]