Sam Morateck

How a Barber Scissored Through Red Tape on the Way to a New Life

Photo courtesy of WPRI  Albert Walker, a professional barber who has many Packer players as clientele, is challenging Wisconsin’s barber manager license requirement that is keeping him from the title of store manager, despite his many years of experience and financial investment into his career. Walker will be testifying Thursday before a legislative committee on […]

Democrats Gamble on Future with Bet Against Foxconn

Three democrats crossed party lines and voted in favor of the Foxconn bill yesterday, which passed in the assembly 59-30. Not a coincidence, all three who voted represent areas Foxconn is expected to be located. After the motion to send the bill to the Joint Finance Committee failed, the floor was open for debate. During […]

Democrat Hypocrisy: Foxconn and Gogebic Taconite

Yet more complaints against the Foxconn deal from democrats emerge in their release of their “Weekly Democratic Radio Address” which raised concerns that have been already addressed and includes criticisms of Gov Walker that aren’t entirely true. In the radio address Senator Mark Miller brought up environmental concerns, the state budget, and the incentive package, all […]

Fitzgerald: Senate Won’t “Fumble the Ball” on Foxconn

While it’s predictable that democrats would continue to find any issues they can within the Foxconn deal, Senate and Assembly Republicans now seem to be at odds with one another on the pace at which the bill is moving. In an interview conducted by Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader, Senate Republican leader Scott Fitzgerald […]

Gov. Walker Addresses Foxconn Concerns

In an interview with Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader,  Governor Scott Walker addressed the much talked about Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis of the proposed Foxconn deal, and said its findings are nothing new. While news outlets  focused on the data from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau that estimated that Wisconsin wouldn’t break even on the deal for a […]

Tammy Baldwin And Universal Health Care: A Brief History

By Jerry Bader and Sam Morateck It comes as no surprise that  last week included Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin in a group of Senators it is endorsing. Baldwin’s name appears along with far left Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. applauds Baldwin for championing …”progressive issues such as universal health care…”  But Baldwin […]

No, Gov. Walker Isn’t Hedging His Bets on Foxconn

As Democrats continue to look for flaws in a proposed deal with Taiwanese giant Foxconn, State Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling hopes to add further fuel to the fire, criticizing a provision in Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed legislation that she claims would give back to local governments should the Foxconn deal ever fall through. While Foxconn […]