Sam Morateck

Bryce’s Braggadocio Doesn’t Match Reality

After the news that Speaker of The House Paul Ryan would not be running for re-election began spreading, many Democrats began to claim it was because Ryan feared likely Democratic opponent Randy “Ironstache” Bryce. But the taunts aren’t rooted in statistical reality. The Journal Sentinel reported that both of Ryan’s would-be competitors had a lot […]

A Tom Steyer Primer

You may recognize Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer from his personally funded TV ads that called for President Trump’s impeachment, but now his funds and focus have shifted to Wisconsin in an effort to help Democrats win the midterm elections. But just what does Steyer stand for? According to Steyer’s net worth as of 4/10/18 […]

Survivor: Our Wisconsin Revolution Edition

As the governor’s race starts to heat up, Our Wisconsin Revolution has offered their followers a chance to participate in a pre-voting process to narrow the field of twelve Democratic candidates they include on their site to find a “People’s Champion.” However, OWR’s ability to meaningfully impact elections is questionable, at best, after its foray […]

Looks Like the Rebecca Dallet Moderation Project Has Begun

By Kevin Binversie “It’s only been a week since her election to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, but it looks as if some in the mainstream Wisconsin media are already doing all they can to convince Badger State residents they didn’t elect a partisan liberal, but a “moderate” to the high court. Chief among these is […]

The Man Behind This Billboard

A  billboard sponsored by the “Mad Dog PAC” claiming “The NRA is a terrorist organization,” has caught the attention of Wisconsinites and two more similar billboards might be on the way. The PAC’s leader, Claude Taylor, is no stranger to controversy, and through the “Mad Dog PAC” has plans of increasing the number of of […]

The WaPo’s False Claim of a Walker Attack on The Liberal Arts

Media Trackers previously reported that UW Stevens Point Chancellor Bernie Patterson proposed that the university cut thirteen majors from the program in response to a recent enrollment decline and to deal with a $4.5 million dollar deficit. But critics see another motive: an attack on liberal arts education. The proposal would cut 13 majors in […]

Ellis: Animal Sex Abuse Bill Was Stalled to Hurt Andre Jacque

By Jerry Bader and Sam Morateck  A bill that would make sexual abuse of animals a felony easily passed through the State Assembly, earning a rare unanimous vote, but was brought to a halt in the State Senate this week when it wasn’t brought to the floor for a vote. In most cases, such offenses are currently […]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Politifail

By James Wigderson “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Kertscher, writing in the newspaper’s fact-checking Politifact section, once again substitutes opinion for an objective evaluation of a political candidate’s statement. Kertscher gave a Supreme Court candidate a “half true” rating when everything he wrote in evidence pointed to a “Pants on Fire” rating for knowingly making […]

Credit: Salon

Will WI Dems Repudiate Clinton’s Labeling of State Voters?

Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks about the states she didn’t win in the 2016 presidential election suggested  that backwards-looking,  racist and sexist messages appealed to voters there. With Wisconsin being one of the states covered by Clinton’s latest effort to explain away her defeat, the question now becomes: will Democrats candidates and leaders here repudiate her […]

Barnes Can’t Shake Assault Allegation

Former State Representative Mandela Barnes has announced that he’ll be a Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor. But Barnes continues to be dogged by allegations that he assaulted protester and videographer Miles Kristan in 2015. Kristan says Barnes assaulted him after he asked a question about Barnes’ vote on the new Milwaukee Bucks arena. At that […]