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flambeau mine
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“Back Forty” Mine Faces Uphill Battle with the Spread of Mining Misinformation

The Aquila Resource mining company is facing an uphill battle to promote the potential “back forty” mine as misinformation about the mining industry has affected county boards in Wisconsin and their decisions to pass resolutions opposing the mines earlier this summer. Aquila’s Director of Social Performance and Engagement Chantae Lessard spoke with Media Tracker’s Director of […]

Jennifer Shilling
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Senator Patrick Testin Exposes Democrat Foxconn Hypocrisy

Senator Patrick Testin Wednesday reported a “did I say that out loud moment,” from a Democratic leader discussing the Foxconn incentive package . With the deal finally wrapped up and approved,  Testin spoke with Media Trackers’ Director of Communications Jerry Bader and revealed a moment of hypocrisy by Senator Jennifer Shilling. Testin claims Shilling revealed that […]

back forty
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“Back Forty” Mine Holds up To Gedicks’ and Gauger’s Criticism

  As debate heats up over a proposal to repeal Wisconsin’s mining moratorium, Media Trackers recently looked at the backgrounds of environmentalist figures Al Gedicks and Laura Gauger. Gedicks and Gauger are high profile figures in the opposition to repealing the moratorium. In a previous article by Media Trackers, Gedicks was shown to have exhibited radical behavior […]

gordon hintz
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A Look at the Man Vying to Be Assembly Dems Next Leader

Oshkosh Representative Gordon Hintz has announced he will seek the post of Assembly minority leader. So, it seems an appropriate time to review his past behavior while in the Assembly. Former Assembly Democratic leader Peter Barca resigned after fellow Democrats criticized him for his yes vote on the Foxconn development proposal. Hinz’s bid for leader […]

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Suspected Felon Voters In Wisconsin: What’s Their Status?

While the presidential election took place ten months ago, the Wisconsin Election Commission appears to have only recently referred possible cases of felons casting votes to District Attorney’s offices around the state, according to one office that responded to Media Trackers request for comment. The La Crosse Tribune reported recently that a woman from La Crosse […]

flambeau mine
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Why Mining’s Return is Critical to One NE WI County

While the environmental left continues to argue against the mining moratorium repeal proposed recently by two Republican lawmakers, Wendy Gehlhoff, Director of the Florence County Economic Development, shared new insights on why mining could be extremely beneficial to Wisconsin. Adding to what Ladysmith City administrator Al Christianson said to Media Trackers last week on the success […]

Wisconsin | Policy

Wisconsin’s ESSA Plans Fail to Impress

The due date for the proposal of the Every Student Succeeds Act is rapidly approaching for Wisconsin and concerns are being expressed that the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Evers, is becoming a road block to the possibility of any progressive reforms for Wisconsin’s education plan. ESSA is the federal law enacted in 2015 that replaced the […]

flambeau mine
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Flambeau Mine: Separating Fact From Fiction

While sources like the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters believe that the repeal of the mining moratorium is “reckless legislation,” Ladysmith City administrator Al Christianson proves otherwise as he spoke of the benefits and misrepresentation of the Flambeau mine in an interview with Media Trackers Communication Director Jerry Bader. The WLCV listed many environmental drawbacks […]

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