Sam Morateck

Dan Kohl’s Contradictory Congressional Campaign Ads

Congressional Democrat candidate Dan Kohl recently released three ads, in which he states that he is not a politician, that he won’t take money from corporate PACs, that he will fight for term limits and that he won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. However despite what Kohl tells the camera, his history […]


The Republican Party of Wisconsin has released a new ad continuing their line of attack on Democratic Governor Candidate Tony Evers. In the ad, the RPW highlights instances in Evers’ career as State Superintendent when the DPI has failed to take licences away from teacher’s accused of immoral conduct in the classroom, including one case previously […]

How is Evers Going to Pay for His Increases in Spending?

Following his victory in the Democratic primary for governor Tuesday night, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers made big promises on education but omitted any plans for funding them in his victory speech. “I will make the largest investment in early childhood education that our state has ever seen,” Evers said. He added, “In my first […]

McAdams Estimates His Case Could’ve Cost University $1 Million

Last month the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Marquette University Political Science Professor John McAdams was improperly suspended after he publicly criticized a graduate student by name on his politically conservative blog. But what was the cost to the university after the nearly four year battle? Media Trackers previously reported the case, in which Marquette had indefinitely suspended […]

Randy Bryce Stands By Support of 32 Trillion Dollar Medicare for All

Randy Bryce, a Democratic candidate in the 1st Congressional District, recently released his “healthcare platform” which includes his support of passing Medicare for All, a program that has been projected to cost $32 trillion over ten years, while also promising to increase nursing staff in hospitals and schools. But just how will this plan be […]

“Making a Murderer” Sheriff Candidate Says He Is a Republican Despite Signing Walker Recall Petition

The Calumet County Sheriff’s race is catching more than just Wisconsin attention after Republican candidate Mark Wiegert, known for his role in the popular Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer,” was revealed to have signed and circulated a petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker in 2011. Despite running as a Republican, an article by the Appleton […]

Walker Fires Back on Dem Foxconn Criticism

By Sam Morateck and Jerry Bader Wisconsin Democrats continue to look for a jobs narrative with which to run against Governor Scott Walker. Their early strategy was to cherry pick statistics to paint the picture of a failed jobs record on Walker’s part. A booming economy has robbed them of that theme. The next strategy […]

“…But I Have Not Been Arrested 9 Times…”

The gloves came off during a Democratic Primary debate between 1st congressional district candidates Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers after a question regarding Bryce’s history of arrests was asked. Myers made no show of playing nice and criticized Bryce after his response to the question, as well as announcing she has filed a FEC complaint […]

Kohl Speaks Up on ICE

 Dan Kohl, the Democratic candidate for the 6th Congressional District seat to challenge Republican Glenn Grothman, says he strongly disagrees with a proposal to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), despite a movement within the Democratic party that is readying legislation to do so. While fellow Democrat Rep. Mark Pocan’s is readying his “Abolish […]

A Change in The TV Weather Climate

With additional reporting by Jerry Bader A non-profit group is attempting to bring Climate Change to mainstream media. And the effort appears to be responsible for a shift in TV meteorologists attitudes on global warming. While the subject of Climate Change is itself a debated topic, the liberally funded non-profit group Climate Central stands out […]