Sam Morateck

“…But I Have Not Been Arrested 9 Times…”

The gloves came off during a Democratic Primary debate between 1st congressional district candidates Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers after a question regarding Bryce’s history of arrests was asked. Myers made no show of playing nice and criticized Bryce after his response to the question, as well as announcing she has filed a FEC complaint […]

Kohl Speaks Up on ICE

 Dan Kohl, the Democratic candidate for the 6th Congressional District seat to challenge Republican Glenn Grothman, says he strongly disagrees with a proposal to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), despite a movement within the Democratic party that is readying legislation to do so. While fellow Democrat Rep. Mark Pocan’s is readying his “Abolish […]

A Change in The TV Weather Climate

With additional reporting by Jerry Bader A non-profit group is attempting to bring Climate Change to mainstream media. And the effort appears to be responsible for a shift in TV meteorologists attitudes on global warming. While the subject of Climate Change is itself a debated topic, the liberally funded non-profit group Climate Central stands out […]

A Claim Even Randy Bryce’s Supporters Didn’t Buy

By James Wigderson    JANESVILLE, WI – At a Saturday rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Randy Bryce told a whopper that even many of his supporters couldn’t cheer. Bryce told the audience that he has never paid a bill from money made as a politician. “There are some people that claim that I have […]

More on Evers and Teachers Behaving Badly

Media Trackers has learned that in three cases of teacher licence revocation, the offenses had been brought to the attention of the State Department of Public Instruction years earlier, but no action occurred until State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers was under scrutiny from the GOP in relation to the Andrew Harris case. Evers is currently […]

SPLC Apology Dings Media Schimel Criticism

The Southern Poverty Law Center, most commonly known for tracking “hate groups,” was recently forced to publicly apologize after losing a law suit for including Maajid Nawaz in their “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.” This is not the first time their credibility has been challenged, as their “hate group” list contains many questionable categories such as […]

Baldwin Admits Double Standard On Family Separation Issue

By James Wigderson for Media Trackers The do-nothing record of Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) was on full display on CNN on Wednesday when she was asked what she did to oppose the border-control family separation policy when President Barack Obama was in office. “As so many people in this country were certainly outraged by the […]

Dems Rip Walker Jobs Creation Record Amid Worker Shortage

Gov. Scott Walker and officials of Green Bay Packaging Inc. earlier this week released a statement announcing a $500 million dollar investment in a new Northeast Wisconsin facility that would bring in 200 jobs around the state. However, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin criticized Walker’s involvement in the announcement, calling it a move to “distract […]

Kwik Trip Fights to Keep Unfair Sales Act

By James Wigderson for Media Trackers A law that is supposed to protect “mom and pop” grocery stores is now being used by one of the largest independently held convenience store chains in the country as a marketing tool to sell more beer. Kwik Trip, a gas station and convenience store chain with more than […]

Liberals Use Violent Imagery on Walker, Vukmir

A liberal group is being criticized for its imagery of a target on Governor Scott Walker and state Senator Leah Vukmir. The image on a Citizen Action of Wisconsin podcast shows a target with an arrow or spear over Walker and Vukmir with the message: “open political season.” Walker is seeking re-election, Vukmir is a […]