Democrats in Massachusetts Strip Union Rights

In a shocking vote,  the Democrat controlled Massachusetts House of Representatives decided 111-42 to strip public employees of most rights to bargain over healthcare.  Echoing what began in Wisconsin, the House’s decision came down to economics with a possible saving of millions of dollars for towns and cities. Unions campaigned hard to stop the passage […]


GAB Proposes July 12 Election for Recalled Senators

Between the recount in the Supreme Court race and the recall of an unprecedented eight senators, the Government Accountability Board (GAB) is asking for additional time to review recall petitions, file challenges and respond to any challenge and proposes pushing new elections to July 12. The GAB would meet May 23 to consider the petitions […]


New Soros Funded Website Launches In Wisconsin

The transparency website launched its Wisconsin website yesterday in an effort to draw “back the curtain on how money influences legislation around the issues that people care most about.” Partnering with the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and using data from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, intends to be be a one stop shop […]


Left’s Actions Show They Believe in Voter Fraud

A new Voter ID bill is with the Assembly and expected to pass and head to the Senate. Not a moment too soon. While the Left has historically claimed that there is no problem with voter fraud in Wisconsin, they must be changing their tune or why would they have supported JoAnne Kloppenburg in her […]


GAB: Supreme Court Recount To Be Completed By May 9

According to the Wisconsin State Law and the Government Accountability Board, the statewide manual recount requested by Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg will be completed on Monday May 9. The manual recount will begin around the state at 9 AM on Wednesday. Kloppenburg asked for a statewide manual recount last Wednesday at an eleventh […]


How Many Losses Can the Left Take?

The Left wants you to think they are winning. Just look at a statement like this from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO after their recent loss in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election of April 5: “No matter the results of the recount — April 5 demonstrates how Gov. Walker’s extreme overreach and attack on workers’ rights united Wisconsin […]


Did Kloppenburg Violate The Wisconsin Judicial Code of Conduct?

JoAnne Kloppenburg’s allegation that Justice David Prosser met with Governor Scott Walker after the Supreme Court race – a contention that Prosser and Walker adamantly deny – may violate the Wisconsin Judicial Code of Conduct. Kloppenburg made the allegation during her press conference to announce her intention for a state-wide recount, but she provided no evidence […]