Another Day, Another Teacher Sob Story From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a story last Friday describing the sad tale of Milwaukee Public School teacher Karen Scharrer-Erickson who felt she must retire early due to the changes in collective bargaining enacted by the Budget Repair Bill. Unfortunately, the Journal Sentinel left out one key detail about Ms. Scharrer-Erickson: she earns a total […]


MPS Teachers Get Double Pension

In the last few week the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel appears to be on a campaign to drum up sympathy for teachers. Last week we learned about a teacher who felt she was “forced” into retirement due to Gov. Walkers budget repair bill and in today’s edition another lead article focuses on the disrespect and backlash […]


Justice David Prosser To Declare Victory At Noon Press Conference

At noon on Monday, Justice David Prosser will hold a press conference to declare victory as the final canvass numbers gave him a 7,316 vote lead in the April 5 election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. As Milwaukee finished its canvass last Friday, the Associated Press declared Prosser the winner and Prosser campaign spokesman Brian […]