JoAnne Kloppenburg Accepted Donation From Judge Sumi’s Husband

On April 5, Wisconsinites will go to the poll to pick a new supreme court justice. The election has gained prominence because many political analysts believe the Budget Repair Bill may one day end up before the high court. Throughout the campaign, challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg has claimed she is politically unbiased and impartial. However analysis […]


Judge Sumi’s Husband Donated to Three of Badger 14

There was already cause for Judge Maryann Sumi to have recused herself in the collective bargaining lawsuit since her son, Jake Sinderbrand is a former employee of the AFL-CIO and SEIU, now more conflict of interests have been discovered. Judge Sumi’s husband, Carl Sinderbrand donated to the campaigns of three of the “Badger 14”:  Dave […]


Madison Weekly Newspaper’s Attempt to Embarrass Walker Fails

On February 17, Governor Walker explained in a press conference that his office had received over 8,000 emails with the majority of the them “telling us to stay firm, stay strong, to stand with the taxpayers.” After weeks of blustering about open records requests and lawsuits filed against Governor Walker to obtain the emails, Isthmus […]


Explosive Connnection between JoAnne Kloppenburg and Unions Exposed

Charlie Sykes exposes a letter leaders from the American Federation of Teachers Local 212 sent to its members regarding the supreme court election: This is as clear an assault on an independent judiciary as you can imagine. Either candidate Joanne Kloppenburg has implicitly or explicitly signaled the unions that she will rule in their favor […]