Lawsuits Begin Over Collective Bargaining Passage

According to the Democrats, it’s OK to run away from your job for weeks and then cry foul when your colleagues try to find solutions in your absence. After nearly a month of Democratic senators absconding from their duties at the capital the Republicans decided to break the stalemate on the budget repair bill by […]


Kloppenburg’s Shocking Lack of Broad Legal Experience

Supreme Court candidate, JoAnne Kloppenburg touts her “broad legal experience” on her campaign website and in campaign materials. But a review of Kloppenburg’s cases show that her legal career centered almost exclusively in environmental law. In fact, since 1990 she has only argued seven criminal cases before higher courts. To really reflect her background, her […]


The Real Effect of Boycotts

Yesterday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a story about “pro-Walker” businesses that are targeted for boycott by opponents of the Budget Repair Bill. The over 125 companies and 26 PACs on the boycott list are those that contributed at least $5000 to Governor Walker’s election campaign in 2010. The Journal Sentinel article notes that this […]


URGENT: Non-Fiscal Provisions of Budget Repair Bill Pass The Senate

Tonight, the non-fiscal provisions of the Budget Repair Bill passed the Wisconsin State Senate 18-1. Most important among the non-fiscal provisions limited collective bargaining rights for non-wage issues for public employees. The bill was brought before a conference committee at 6 PM and passed with the lone objection of Assembly Minority Leader Democrat Peter Barca. […]


URGENT: Budget Repair Bill Moved to Conference Committee

Tonight, a conference committee was called by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald for 6 PM CST. It is now likely that the long overdue Budget Repair Bill will be broken up in to separate bills. The collective bargaining section will likely now be passed with a simple majority rather than the twenty needed for a […]


The Oligarchy of the Wisconsin Fourteen

For almost a month now, the Wisconsin legislature has been kept from carrying on the people’s business because of the fourteen fugitive Democratic senators residing in Illinois. For weeks, the excuse from the fugitive fourteen was that the people needed more time to understand what exactly was in the Budget Repair Bill. But in the […]


Three Local Communities, Three Different Approaches to Union Contracts

  Last week, Media Trackers explained how many local communities across the state were imprudently rushing through labor contracts and failed to utilize the tools provided by the yet-to-be-passed Budget Repair Bill. In the case of Madison, Mayor Dave Ciezlewicz and the Madison Common Council rammed through twelve labor contracts in one night in order […]