80 Percent in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Poll Support Budget Repair Bill

A recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel poll found overwhelming public support for Gov. Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.  Eighty percent of the 183,226 readers who participated in the survey supported cutting benefits for union workers and removing collective bargaining over anything other than wages.  Only 18 percent of people felt the bill was wrong, and three percent […]


Senator Calls for Investigation into Doctor Sick Notes

Senator Pam Galloway (R-Wausau), a physician by training, was as sickened as the rest of us were watching doctors hand out sick notes to anyone at the Madison protest who asked for one.  In a written statement Senator Galloway said,  “Over the weekend, various news outlets have reported that some physicians were handing out medical […]


Jesse Jackson Jumps into Wisconsin Protests

Jesse Jackson spoke to protesters outside the Wisconsin State Capital on Friday.  Check out these two videos:


Protest and Counter-Protest Set for Today

On the steps of the state capital, a Tea Party rally in support of Scott Walker and the Budget Repair Bill will be held at noon today. Organized by American Majority and assisted by other groups such as Americans for Prosperity, the event known as the “I Stand With Scott Walker Rally” is expected to […]


64 Percent of Americans Oppose Government Employee Unions

A new Clarus Poll found that 64 percent of voters said government employees shouldn’t be represented by a union. The survey found that only 10 percent of Republicans and 22 percent of Independents believed in unionization of government employees. Surprisingly, only 49 percent of Democrats believed in the union system. The survey was taken by […]


“Sick” Teachers Force Milwaukee Public Schools To Close

On Friday, the Milwaukee Public School District was forced to close the doors of all its 184 schools after more than 600 teachers called in “sick” in order to travel to Madison to engage in protests against Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. The Milwaukee Public School District is the largest school district in Wisconsin with […]


Top 10 Cities Facing a Pension Crisis

The battle raging over public unions in Wisconsin is starting to shine the spotlight on the fiscal problem public unions have created not only in Wisconsin, but across the nation. In late December, 2010 the first total municipal pension default occurred in Prichard, AL. If the status quo is allowed to continue, many more, and […]