It’s Time to Urge Your Legislators to Stand Firm on Fiscal Values

This week The Joint Finance committee is set to begin public hearings on Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget repair bill with possible action by the legislator as early as Thursday. The fast-tracked bill is designed to address the state budget and its anticipated $137 million shortfall this year and up to $3.6 billion shortfall over […]


Is Chris Abele Really the Best Option?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive believing Abele “has the best chance to fix what’s broken.” The endorsement heaps praise on Abele’s experience and vision, declaring that he could be a “game changer.” “His vision for setting aside parochial interests and working together is admirable.” It appears that the Milwaukee […]


Kloppenburg and Stephens Campaign Donations Show Democratic Bias

Both JoAnne Kloppenburg and Marla Stephens are positioning themselves as non-partisan candidates for state Supreme Court, but both women have repeatedly funded Democratic candidates over the years – and have given money only to the justices who make up the liberal wing on the highest court. Neither woman has donated to a Republican candidate, according […]


Top Democrat Campaign Strategist is running Kloppenburg’s Campaign

Supreme Court candidate, Joanne Kloppenburg stresses to the media that she wants to be “independent” and “impartial.” Yet, she turned to a top Democratic strategist to run her campaign.   Kloppenburg’s campaign manager, Melissa Mulliken, has run a series of prominent Democratic campaigns in Wisconsin. An article in the Madison Isthmus newspaper labeled Mulliken “a […]


Ed Garvey Gets it Wrong

Former union hack and failed Democratic candidate Ed Garvey posted a rather blistering attack that explains how the “forces of darkness,” namely “Mike Grebe, Charlie Sykes, Scott Walker, Family Fitzgerald, and governor Talker (redundant?),” are assembling to “declare war on our history, our citizens, and our values.” Is this guy for real? As Governor Walker […]


Supreme Court Candidate Marla Stephens Soft on Sexual Abuse Cases

Supreme Court candidate Marla Stephens’ website says her work with the public defenders’ office is “preeminent among her career accomplishments.” But what she doesn’t highlight to voters is the fact that her accomplishments include her repeated efforts to protect the rights of convicted child molesters. In one court brief that Stephens co-authored, she expressed the […]


Kloppenburg, Always a Judicial Bridesmaid, never a Bride

Supreme Court Candidate, and state environmental law enforcer JoAnne Kloppenburg, has had many aspirations to move beyond the state Justice Department. And many rejections. In 2009, she applied for a seat on the Wisconsin court of appeals. She didn’t get picked. (Oct. 21, 2009, Wisconsin State Journal). A few months earlier, she applied for an […]


Non partisan Democrat who doesn’t like partisanship?

An ironic line appeared in a Wisconsin Law Journal Article on Dec. 13, 2010 – it identified Supreme Court challenger Marla Stephens as a Democrat, even as she attacked incumbent Justice David Prosser for… supposed partisanship. Said the article: “Democratic challenger Marla J. Stephens agreed that political affiliation should have no relevance in a judicial […]


Kloppenburg’s Cases Show Bias Against Business

  JoAnne Kloppenburg is running for the top court of the state. The primary is next week with the general election April 5. But what do Wisconsin voters really know about Assistant Attorney General Kloppenburg other than her name? In this series, MediaTrackers takes an in-depth look at the cases Kloppenburg was involved in. A […]