“Sick” Teachers Force Milwaukee Public Schools To Close

On Friday, the Milwaukee Public School District was forced to close the doors of all its 184 schools after more than 600 teachers called in “sick” in order to travel to Madison to engage in protests against Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. The Milwaukee Public School District is the largest school district in Wisconsin with […]


Top 10 Cities Facing a Pension Crisis

The battle raging over public unions in Wisconsin is starting to shine the spotlight on the fiscal problem public unions have created not only in Wisconsin, but across the nation. In late December, 2010 the first total municipal pension default occurred in Prichard, AL. If the status quo is allowed to continue, many more, and […]


Six Figure Compensation the Norm for Union Leaders

Quick, when you think of a union guy do you picture a hard-working, average Joe toiling day in and day out at his job or do you picture a sophisticated lobbyist earning well over six-figures?   The stereotype of the union that so many of us hold is downright false. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau determined […]


Democrats Block Democracy Today in Madison

What do you do when you don’t like a bill and don’t have the votes to stop it from passing?  Why, you run away of course.  That’s exactly what Senate democrats did today, abdicating their responsibility to their constituents to govern.  Read more about the fleeing democrats here


What’s Really in Those Union Contracts

If you listened to the chants on the steps of the state capital, one might believe that public employees are treated awfully poorly in Wisconsin. If you listen to the statements made by politicians and union leaders that say Governor Walker’s budget repair bills is akin to “legalized slavery,” you might think public employees are […]


What’s the Alternative to Passing the Budget Repair Bill

Public sector employees and unions continue to descend on Madison to protest the budget repair bill, that calls for public sector employees to contribute five percent to their pension and 12 percent to their healthcare in order to allow the state to pay its bills for fiscal 2011 and lay a foundation for the 2011-2013 […]


How Private Sector and Public Sector Benefits Compare

February 16, 2011-Today the Assembly may vote on the budget repair bill that has generated massive protests in Madison by public sector employees and their unions.  The uproar is over the fact that the bill would have government workers contribute five percent toward their pensions, about the national average, and pay 12 percent of the […]