Labor Leaders Real Agenda is More Government, More Spending, and More Taxes

February 7, 2011, Milwaukee, WI– On Saturday February 5, labor leaders Rich Abelson and Phil Neuenfeldt published an editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel defending public employees from “politically fashionable” attacks. The writers say that “cheaper is not always better or more efficient,” and that public employees are “scapegoats” because politicians don’t want to offer […]


Public Employee Unions and Wisconsin’s Fiscal Crisis

Prior to the late 1950’s, not a single state in the union allowed public employees to unionize and collectively bargain. The reasons were simple. Public employees, just like every other American, have the right to petition their government in how to best spend taxpayer dollars. Few saw any reason why public employees ought to be […]


Supreme Court Candidate Marla Stephens’ Partisan Hypocrisy

February 4, 2011, Milwaukee, WI– In a recent TV interview, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate, Marla Stephens, the Appellate Division director in the Office of the State Public Defender, expressed her dismay at how “the Supreme Court is becoming very partisan and very divided” due to a “block of four justices who call themselves conservative.” Stephens […]


Regulatory Bill Passes State Assembly

  Yesterday the state Assembly passed the regulatory reform bill (SSAB8/SSSB8) by a 59-34 margin. The new law will give the governor oversight of state agency rule-making.   Currently, state agencies make rules (laws) that govern day-to-day operations. The rules take effect unless lawmakers raise an objection. Under the new law, these law-making decisions will […]


Reaction to Gov. Walker’s State of the State Address

February 2, 2011, MIlwaukee, WI– Last night during the State of the State address, Governor Scott Walker charted a course for his administration based on “frugality and jobs.”   Walker’s goal of “lowering the cost of doing business” is off to a good start. The emergency special session passed “jobs bills” that provide tax exemption […]


PolitiFact Blasts One Wisconsin Now

In his first month in office, Governor Scott Walker has moved fast and furiously to fulfill his campaign promise of bringing jobs to Wisconsin.  Progressive organizations have lambasted the governor because he believes job creation comes from the private sector, not the government.  For weeks now One Wisconsin Now has said that Gov. Walker’s plans […]


Wisconsin Patriot Coalition Responds to Voter ID Critics

Media Trackers is a strong supporter of stronger voter ID requirements in Wisconsin.  Our friends at the Wisconsin Patriot Coalition believe in the same protection of voter rights and lay out strong arguements in this document that counter critics of Voter ID, like One Wisconsin Now and certain Democratic representatives.


Assembly to Vote on Regulatory Reform

  While the Super Bowl and the “super” blizzard are dominating mainstream news this week, look for the big story out of Madison to be regulatory reform.   Last week the state Assembly’s judiciary committee approved by a 5-3 margin a regulatory reform bill (SSAB8/SSSB8) that proposes sweeping changes to state agency regulations. A full […]