The Man Behind This Billboard

A  billboard sponsored by the “Mad Dog PAC” claiming “The NRA is a terrorist organization,” has caught the attention of Wisconsinites and two more similar billboards might be on the way. The PAC’s leader, Claude Taylor, is no stranger to controversy, and through the “Mad Dog PAC” has plans of increasing the number of of […]


Dallet Exposes Her Recusal Hypocrisy

What Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet says on the campaign trail is not what she appears to be practicing on her own bench. For months now, liberal advocates have tried to make the issue of when a judge should recuse themselves from cases before the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. The apparent goal is […]

Local Media Silent on John Doe Hearing

A hearing last Thursday at the Brown County courthouse with newly-appointed John Doe Judge Kendall Kelley was largely ignored by the local and mainstream media. None of the four television stations in the Green Bay market were in the courtroom, including one located across the street from the courthouse. Read the full story at Wisconsin […]


Dallet’s Moderate Positioning in Supreme Court Race Falls Flat

The primary for an open Wisconsin Supreme court race is shaping up to be the Goldilocks race, with Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet positioning herself to be “just right” between conservative Judge Michael Screnock and unabashedly liberal candidate Tim Burns. However, as Burns moves farther left, Dallet is seemingly following suit, or exposing her true ideology, judging […]

Bryce Buys Fake Twitter Followers, Journal-Sentinel Criticizes the GOP

By James Wigderson for Wisconsin Media Check and Media Trackers “Randy Bryce, the Democratic challenger in the first Congressional District known for hanging with Hollywood celebrities, achieved more fame when the New York Times reported he purchased fake followers for his Twitter account. However, readers of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel could be forgiven for being under the […]