Hudak Voices Support for New Property Tax Hikes


At a local meeting Memorial Day weekend event, Colorado state Sen. Evie Hudak cemented her reputation as a tax increase proponent by offering her support for a tax hike that has not even been written yet. (h/t Complete Colorado) The future tax increase, which Hudak said she is “sure” to support, would increase mill levies to pay for additional school funding and other state education endeavors. Local property tax mill levies in Colorado are currently frozen in place.

While admitting that the mill levies were not yet valid, Hudak still ended with an enthusiastic assurance that she favors such proposals. Voters in her district recently rejected a similar ballot initiative, Proposition 103, by nearly a two- to-one margin.

Compass Colorado points out that in one term, Hudak has supported billions in higher taxes like Proposition 103, the $2.9 billion sales and income tax, as well as every one of the so-called “Dirty Dozen” tax hikes on Colorado small businesses. Hudak co-sponsored the car registration tax hike known as FASTER and voted for the $590 million hospital tax, which increased costs for health care providers in the state. Additionally, Hudak was one of a tiny group of dissenters of a bipartisan bill that reduced or eliminated taxes on several agricultural products in the state.

As first reported by Media Trackers Colorado, Hudak surfed into the state legislature on a wave of cash provided by teachers’ unions.

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