Larry Liston Drops Last-Minute Nameless Flyer Against Owen Hill


State Senate candidate for District 10 Larry Liston used the last few days of his campaign leading up to today’s primary election to send a nameless direct mail piece blasting his Republican opponent Owen Hill. The flyer sent out over this last week did not have Liston’s name attached to it, but it included his standard campaign address on the return label. In addition to not disclosing that he was behind the mail piece, Liston’s attack ad also made numerous baseless claims about Hill and his campaign.

The flyer directly accused Hill of asking “Planned Parenthood’s lobbyists to help fund his campaign.” According to Owen Hill’s campaign, a mass email was sent out to all donor contacts asking for support. Two of those contacts were lobbyists Fofi Mendez and Jeff Thormodsgaard. Rather than support Hill after being contacted by his campaign, Mendez and Thormodsgaard instead hosted a fundraiser for Larry Liston, the same candidate accusing Hill of approaching the individuals for campaign cash.

Media Trackers covered this fundraiser earlier in the month: Despite Pro-Life Stance in 2012, Larry Liston Supported Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Providers in 2010.

Liston’s nameless flyer also accuses Hill of “taking nearly $30,000 from lobbyists and special interests.” According to the final campaign finance report due before the election, Owen Hill had raised a total of nearly $47,000 for his campaign. A complete search of his filing history revels that only $2,350 came from lobbyists — less than a tenth of what Liston alleged. In addition, most of these “special interest groups” included people that worked for churches or other Christian ministries and the vast majority of them were located locally in Colorado Springs, the center of Senate District 10.

Liston himself has received a large percentage of funds from special interests, most of which are based in the Denver metro area. A review of Liston’s campaign finance report shows that roughly one-third of his campaign contributions came from self-identified lobbyists.

Liston and Hill face off in the primary today. Ballots must be returned to the Clerk’s Office by 7:00 p.m. today.

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