One Citizen’s Reaction To Effects Of “Roadless Rule” In Colorado


A local Colorado man rallied against the policies of environmentalist groups in the state late last week following a Media Trackers report on how the federal Roadless Rule has hindered numerous fire mitigation efforts in recent months.

The protest took place at the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado building in Denver. This single address, 1536 Wynkoop Street, is the headquarters for a large number of liberal environmental organizations found in state, as well as several out-of-state campaigns. The location shares housing for offices such as Clean Water Action, Colorado Conservation Voters, Colorado Environmental Coalition, Environment Colorado, Western Conservation Foundation, two branches of the Sierra Club, and about two dozen other leftist groups all joined at the hip.

Steve Heidenreich said the environmental groups don’t focus enough on the consequences of the policies they support.

“Too many ideological groups focus on a shallow agenda, no matter the unintended consequences it may bring,” he told Media Trackers.

“In this case, environmentalists lobbying to not allow roads to be build in rural areas means that there’s no infrastructure to access them,” he continued.  “When a forest fire sparks it’s much more difficult to fight it and we get disasters like these that destroy homes, lives, as well as the environment.”

“We need common-sense, reasonable environmentalism, and none of these groups are offering that,” he concluded.

The protest rally was organized by “Groceries or Gas,” a Denver-based non-profit comprised of citizen activists across the state concerned about the current direction of the country.

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