BlueFlower Leadership Showers Liberal Candidates with Cash


The BlueFlower Fund, a statewide project that works to elect liberal women running for office, has shown a pattern of specific, behind-the-scenes giving in recent years. A search of the personal political contributions of members of the Board of Directors along with other leadership in the group reveals that these individuals have all channeled their support to a few key Democratic figures in Colorado.

Representatives Andy Kerr, Matt Jones, Daniel Kagan, and Dianne Primavera received several thousand dollars from many officials at BlueFlower. Evie Hudak and Pat Steadman were the group’s two favorite Senators. Over a dozen checks went to Cary Kennedy’s bid for state Treasurer, Bernie Buescher for Secretary of State, and Melissa Hart for the University of Colorado Board of Regents.

State Representatives:

  • Andy Kerr: $1,350
  • Matt Jones: $250
  • Daniel Kagan: $450
  • Dianne Primavera: $400

State Senators:

  • Evie Hudak: $350
  • Pat Steadman: $425

State Offices:

  • Cary Kennedy: $600
  • Bernie Buescher: $550
  • Melissa Hart: $650

The notable groups to which BlueFlower leadership contributed funds were NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado and Colorado Conservation Voters.

BlueFlower contributed to the the state Democratic Party on forty-seven separate occasions and to John Hickenlooper’s gubernatorial campaign on seventeen occasions.

  • Colorado Democratic Party: $4,700
  • John Hickenlooper: $3,000

Such numbers total nearly $13,000 in personal donations given to these select races by only seven individuals involved in the administration of the BlueFlower Fund.

Julie Wells, a lawyer that has personally registered and maintained numerous key leftist groups in Colorado, has also been paid by BlueFlower to do bookkeeping and registration work. A recent MediaTrackers investigation revealed the BlueFlower Fund consistently failing to file annual reports with the Secretary of State’s office as required by law.

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