New Tim Gill-Backed Effort Collects Cash from Out-of-State Donors


A new effort by gay marriage supporters in Colorado to target proponents of traditional marriage has collected nearly half of its cash from out-of-state donors and networks.

Fight Back Colorado entered the state’s political scene in June after the most recent civil unions bill was defeated by Republicans in the House. According to campaign filing reports, the committee plans to support gay marriage backers and target defenders of traditional marriage. So far, the committee has collected less than $100,000. Tim Gill and One Colorado each contributed $25,000 within a week following the group’s launch, with an additional $48,000 coming from various out-of-state sources.

Of the $48,000 in out-of-state contributions, $35,000 came from donors and activists from states including California, New York, Washington, and Connecticut. According to the group’s finance reports, not only has the organization collected a significant chunk of its money from sources outside Colorado, but it has also spent most of its money outside the state.  With the exception of $1,662 in production costs for a recent campaign video, all of the group’s funds have been sent to non-Colorado firms.

Fight Back Colorado totaled $10,500 in startup expenses, with ninety percent of that money being spent outside of the state. $3,800 was paid to a website developer in Washington, D.C. Another $3,956 check went to Gestalters Limited in New York for additional website related work on the same day. Democracy Engine, an online political fundraising tool headquartered in D.C., took nearly $1,000 in credit card processing fees in the month of July.

Some potential supporters of Fight Back Colorado have openly questioned the group’s goals and financial plans.

“It’s great that you are fundraising, but I see no plan listed here or on your website,” wrote one supporter following several fundraising appeals on Fight Back Colorado’s Facebook page. “Don’t you think you should show people your plan before you ask for their financial support?” Similar comments were also left on one of the group’s YouTube videos.

Fight Back Colorado has also targeted six legislators it believes are the most “anti-equality” in the House and Senate.  Followers can choose up to three lawmakers, drag their pictures into a virtual suitcase, and “send them packing home.

A one-sentence description accompanies each of the targeted legislators, detailing the reason the lawmakers should be replaced. One representative who made the list, civil unions supporter Robert Ramirez from HD-29, is targeted because he attended a Focus on the Family rally. Rep. Ken Summers of HD-22 because he once ran a “clinic that provided ex-gay therapy,” according to the website.


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