Colorado Accountable Government Alliance Uses Negative Ads, Comes Up Negative Financially


In its last required campaign finance filing before the November 6 elections, the Colorado Accountable Government Alliance (CAGA) reported a large financial deficit, despite a record amount of money transferred to the group’s Independent Expenditure (IE) Committee. The October 29 Secretary of State filing shows CAGA’s IE committee posting a $25,000 negative balance after receiving $902,200.06 in “contributions” from the groups’s political 527 side.

CAGA’s IE committee spent $926,496.06 from October 11 to October 24 — the two week period covered by the financial report. This left a deficit of $24,296 as an ending balance for CAGA going into the last crucial week before the election. CAGA’s next required filing with the Secretary of State is not until December 6, leaving the result of CAGA’s financial woes unknown until well after ballots are cast and counted.

A vast majority of CAGA’s independent expenditures continued to fund negative hit pieces in nearly two-dozen races throughout the state. For the first time however, CAGA used nearly $20,000 in resources to pay a Texas based phoning company for robo calls in Colorado.

As reported by an earlier Media Trackers investigation, CAGA’s IE committee receives 100 percent of its funding from CAGA’s political 527 side. To date, CAGA’s IE Committee has been given over $2.1 million in order to flood local state races throughout Colorado. Ninety percent of this money has come in within the last month alone.

CAGA’s political 527 side has received $2.8 million from top liberal donors and organization both inside Colorado and across the Untied States. While the majority of funds still come from within Colorado, nearly $1 million in contributions have come from out-of-state coffers.

CAGA’s 527 side also filed their last required report before the election on October 29, revealing last-mintue major donors. These top ten donations totaled over $350,000 and came entirely from union groups, educational special interests, and the Democrat Party. Six of the donations come from out-of-state, amounting to nearly $200,000. The top two donations were $80,000 from the Colorado Education Association and $70,000 from the SEIU’s national headquarters.

Colorado WINS, a local union coalition recently exposed by Media Trackers for questionable politicking, also gave a $10,000 check to CAGA on October 15.

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