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Sen. Morse Claims to Fight Outside Interest Groups While Outside Interest Groups Fund Pro Morse Campaign

While embattled Colorado Senate President John Morse claimed “we cannot allow outside interest groups to determine what is best for Colorado”, campaign finance reports tell a different story. A Whole Lot of People for John Morse, an issue committee set up to defend Morse in a recall election, received its largest donation from a 501(c)(4) based in Washington D.C. and retained the services of Chicago and D.C. consultants and pollsters, according to the latest campaign finance reports filed today.

LobatoChildrensVoices Policy

Lobato School Funding Case Decision A Victory For Local Control

On Tuesday, the State Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to forcibly raise taxes in order to garnish and secure more funding for public education in Colorado. Handed down as a 4-2 decision, the high court sided with the State and overturned a 2011 ruling by a Denver district judge in the Lobato v Colorado school funding case. The Supreme Court’s decision against Lobato solidified the legal precedent of local control for schools throughout Coloradoand dealt a blow to judicial activism in the state.

Neumann Policy

A Turing Point for Colorado Springs Energy Innovation

Local energy innovation has continued to trump efforts by the Sierra Club and other environmental activists to bring the national “war on coal” to Colorado Springs. Despite multiple attempts by leftist groups over the last year to shutter the downtown Martin Drake coal fired power plant run by Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), the local Neumann System Group (NSG) recently submitted an $18.75 million grant proposal to the Department of Energy that would continue installation of its clean coal scrubber technology at the Drake facility.

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6 Women Aurora Sentinel Editor Dave Perry Might Call Terrorists

Aurora Sentinel Editor Dave Perry recently penned an article calling the NRA and its members terrorists, true to a past statement that he has “long been a proponent of putting down people.” In a vicious display of anti-2nd Amendment rhetoric, Perry wrote, “Send the guilty monsters directly to Guantanamo Bay for all eternity and let them rot in their own mental squalor.”

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