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Top 14 Quotes From the 69th Session of the General Assembly

The 69th Session of the Colorado Legislature ends tomorrow, barring the need for a special session. Throughout the session, which has seen the passage of regressive gun control legislation, a costly school finance overhaul, same day voter registration, and the revelation that the Colorado Energy Office had not properly accounted for $252 million, there have […]

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Elections Bill Threatens Colorado’s High Voter Turnout

Backers of a bill that would mandate mail-in ballot elections as the standard for Colorado claim that the legislation would increase voter participation, despite empirical data to the contrary. HB 1303, known as the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act, is a partisan election-law overhaul drafted by Colorado’s far left groups such as Common Cause and Progressive […]

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Costly Medicaid Expansion Nears Approval In Colorado

The Colorado State House voted last Thursday to approve a multi-billion dollar Medicaid expansion for the state of Colorado. Colorado’s Medicaid healthcare program is administered by the state, but jointly financed with the federal government. The expansion takes advantage of provisions in President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, the Patient Provider and Affordable Care Act, also […]

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Final Briefs Filed In Douglas County Student Scholarship Program Lawsuit

Legal advocates for the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program (CSP) have filed response briefs to the Colorado Supreme Court asking that the case be denied hearing. The libertarian Institute for Justice (IJ), which is helping defend the program, cited state and federal precedent in arguing opponents of the CSP ignore the constitutionally-required neutrality of state aid […]

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Renewable Power Advocates Present Deceptive Rate-Hike Arguments in Colorado House Committee

The Colorado House Transportation and Energy Committee advanced a bill Wednesday to expand the state’s renewable power mandates after renewable power advocates presented deceptive arguments to hide the mandate’s costs to consumers. Senate Bill 252 requires rural electric cooperatives to derive 25 percent of their electricity from specially designated renewable sources by 2020. Under current […]

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State Agency Has Paid Planned Parenthood $3 Million Since 2008 Despite Lack of Regulation

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has claimed to have no relationship with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM), but Media Trackers Colorado has discovered over 500 pages of receipts from the CDPHE to PPRM, totaling $3,118,486.14 since 2008. Hundreds of pages of documentation record dealings between the Planned Parenthood affiliate and […]

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House Pursues Backdoor Expansion of Teachers Union Power

The Colorado legislature has taken up House Bill 1257 (HB 1257), which appears to be an attempt to empower teachers unions in the state. The proposed “Developing Local-level Educator Evaluation Systems” bill states that any school district seeking to provide an employee evaluation system must work with a local teachers union or association to do so. […]

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Election Day Registration Bill Replaces Polling Places With DMV-like Voting Centers

Under Colorado’s proposed Voter Access and Modernized Elections (VAME) Act, the iconic neighborhood polling place would be eliminated in favor of large county wide “voting centers”. The state election law rewrite introduced into the Colorado House last week as House Bill 1303 (HB 1303) would not only allow Coloradans to register to vote up through […]


Universal Healthcare Foundation In Colorado Wants To Go Further Than Obamacare

A push for government provided healthcare that extends beyond President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is in the works in Colorado. The Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare (CFUHC) was formed in December of 2011 and has since engaged with the few legislators in Denver who would listen. This year, CFUHC helped draft Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 […]

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