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Rumors Surrounding DougCo Teachers Put To Rest

Recent rumors have been spread by local media and union sympathizers that the implementation of Colorado’s new teacher evaluation standards have gone awry in Douglas County and that there is now mass exodus of teachers “fleeing” the schools within the Douglas County School District (DCSD).

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6 Women Aurora Sentinel Editor Dave Perry Might Call Terrorists

Aurora Sentinel Editor Dave Perry recently penned an article calling the NRA and its members terrorists, true to a past statement that he has “long been a proponent of putting down people.” In a vicious display of anti-2nd Amendment rhetoric, Perry wrote, “Send the guilty monsters directly to Guantanamo Bay for all eternity and let them rot in their own mental squalor.”

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ProgressNow Colorado Cries Foul, While Defending Gun Bill Based On A Lie

Alan Franklin, political director at ProgressNow Colorado, claimed that state Senator Mark Scheffel of Parker lied to his constituents in a February 12th, press release which defended state Representatives Rhonda Fields’ and Beth McCann’s legislation on universal background checks for all gun sales. What was not mentioned in the hyperventilating press release was that Fields […]

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Our Colorado News Edits Out Fact, Replaces With Union Propaganda

Jane Reuter, a reporter for Our Colorado News, wrote an article on February 8 which was favorable to the Douglas County School District (DCSD) board’s fiscal governance. Then, for reasons unknown, Reuter’s article content and title were edited three days after publication to include propaganda from a union front group which has actively opposed the DCSD […]

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Denver Post Prepares to Hire Democratic Public Relations Flack

The Denver Post is considering bringing on long-time Democratic operative Laura Chapin as a political columnist, according to a local communications consultant who was told of the plan.  Michelle Balch Lyng, a strategic communications expert, was told by Denver Post editorial staff that Chapin was in the running for the position. Chapin, who previously worked […]

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Denver Post Doubles Down on Opposition to Union Preference Bill

The Denver Post doubled down on its opposition to the “Hire Coloradans First Act” yesterday, publishing its second editorial against the bill.  It published its first editorial slamming the bill in February. “The last thing states should be doing is creating, in effect, protectionist rules for labor that try to tilt the playing field,” the […]