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Colorado School Board Member Kicked Out Of Douglas County Parent House Party

Douglas County Parent (DCP), a new school interest group in Douglas County against the Board, created drama last Monday when the organization kicked School Board Director John Carson out of an informational meeting. On Friday, Media Trackers reported that other anti-Board proponents caused a stir at a Q&A session with School Board Director Meghann Silverthorn at the Public Library.

Colorado | Organizations

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Uses New York City Resources

The official website of gun control advocacy group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is hosted by the City of New York, according to publicly available web hosting records. This revelation, first reported by conservative blogger John Ekdahl on June 20, is the latest evidence of coordination between government officials and MAIG using public resources.

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Universal Healthcare Foundation In Colorado Wants To Go Further Than Obamacare

A push for government provided healthcare that extends beyond President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is in the works in Colorado. The Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare (CFUHC) was formed in December of 2011 and has since engaged with the few legislators in Denver who would listen. This year, CFUHC helped draft Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 […]

Colorado | Organizations

Teachers Unions Continue False Attacks On Douglas County Schools, In Opposition To Public Data

Teachers union bosses have continued to push false claims against the Douglas County School District (DCSD) and the local Board of Education (BOE) during the past month, asserting that student achievement and classroom performance have declinded despite public data to the contrary. Leaders of the local American Federation of Teachers (AFT) affiliate and the state […]

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